Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dirty Donaghy Gets His Sentence

Ex NBA referee Tim Donaghy received 15 months in prison today for his part in an FBI probe regrading gambling on NBA games.  He will also have to undergo counseling for gambling addiction upon his release from prison.  He will be sent to a normal, level 1 prison, not a anything maximum.  Because this is also a federal matter, mandatory minimum statutes state that Donaghy must do 85% of his sentence, meaning at least a year in prison.

Donaghy pleaded guilty to these charges earlier in the year and agreed to talk to prosecutors and the NBA regarding the matter.  For that, he believed he would get a lighter sentence.  However, the 15 month sentence seemed to be the opposite of that.  I believe that the amount of national attention and the type of crime that this was is the reason behind his extreme prison sentence.  The other two co-defendants in this case received a year in prison.  These were the two others that Donaghy ratted on.  If this was a normal case Donaghy might have got  the same if not more time than the other two for his cooperation.  

The magnitude of this case is what forced Tim to get this sentence.  The judge was looking to make an example out of him and scare others away from this type of crime.  After hearing what Donaghy said about other referee's I expect more referee to be found guilty of this crime.  Donaghy only named one, I'm sure there are others out there.

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