Monday, July 28, 2008

Posada Out Rest of Season

The Yankee's starting catcher Jorge Posada announced that he will have season ending shoulder surgery.  Jose Molina, from the Molina brothers, has filled in nice for the Yanks' so far and will continue to fill that roll for the rest of the year.

Posada was activated June 5 from the DL following a 32-game absence with tendinitis in his right rotator cuff.  But he had to be returned to the 15-day DL last Monday.

Posada has been trying to heal from that shoulder all year, ever since he came to Virginia Tech for the Hokie v Yankee scrimmage.  It has bothered him costantly this season and he has now decided to put it behind him and concentrate on making a 100% recovery for next year season.

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