Sunday, August 31, 2008

Clowney Makes Jets, But Breaks Collarbone

Former Virginia Tech wide receiver David Clowney has survived cuts and made the New York Jets.  Although DC did make the team, he did not really survive the preseason, as he is sitting out an extended period of time with a broken collarbone.

Clowney played great for the first two preseason game for the J E T S, JETS.  Until he landed weird on his shoulder in the second preseason game and went out of the game.  He later found out that his collarbone was broken.  

Number 17, DC looked great in camp and preseason and showed his sure hands throughout.  I only saw him drop one pass throughout his preseason appearances.  He scored two TD's and had a great first game, gaining over 134 yards.  DC hails from Long Island, NY and looked comfortable in NYC.  He should be back this season, ready to catch balls from Brett Favre.  Although he is behind Laverneus Coles, Jericho Cotchery, Brad Smith, and Chansi Stuckey, he will certainly see some game time action after proving he can hang this preseason.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's official, Chad Johnson is now legally Chad Javon Ocho Cinco.  He legally changed his name to Ocho Cinco recently.  He must be doing this solely for the purpose of his ego.  So he can wear the Ocho Cinco last name on the back of his jersey.  He is doing it for the attention and he is certainly getting it.

He had ocho cinco on the back of his jersey before a game two years ago, only to have Carson Palmer ripp it off his back after a TD score.  Now it will always be on the back of his jersey.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Good?

Can anyone ever be too good at something?  A nine year old child in New Haven, Conn. was told he was "too good" to be pitching anymore in his baseball league.  I heard about this on ESPN on Tuesday and now I just read more about it on
ESPN's site.

They said that the boy threw 40 MPH and that it was too fast and accurate for him to continue playing in his current league.  Young Jericho Scott, is a right handed pitcher who has some serious skill.  Apparently he has too much.  With the competitive nature in today's society, I am left to wonder how any league could tell a young child they are too good to play.  The child's age is alarming but also the leagues sanctions toward this child are unreal.  Are we as adults, setting a good example for our youth when we ban this amazing athlete from pitching because he is too good.  Did a young Roger Clemens get banned from his youth league for striking out too many batters?

This is preposterous and I think that the league should revoke there restrictions regarding Jericho.  America thrives on competition and the fact that an underdog can arise at any time.  What is Jericho goes the entire season striking out batters, and then one kid homers off of him in the finals and they lose.  Image that kids reaction when he gets the winning hit off a great nine year old like Jericho.  When the league steps in, like this situation, we are hurting not only Jericho but many other little league out there.

1L Law School Update

So far, the material on this blog has been mainly sports related. I have been really involved in sports and reading a lot about sports agents lately, and have the desire to become one after law school. This blog was created to talk about sports, but also to talk about my experiences as a 1L in law school and some information on how I got into law school and such.

Well, the time has finally come for me to start my first year at Thomas Cooley Law school, so I will certainly have a lot to talk about in the upcoming days, months, and year. Classes start next week for me, but I have orientation this week. The classes that I am taking this semester are Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts, and Introduction to Law. Cooley works on trimesters instead of the more traditional two semesters that I was used to in undergraduate studies.

I am excited and eager to start my first year. I have been dreaming and preparing for this moment for many years now. My grandfather was a Judge, and lawyer in Brooklyn, NY and I have many other attorneys in the family tree. I have wanted to be a lawyer ever since age 14 or so. Law and Order and a bunch of other books influenced me along the way. After several years and multiple attempts of studying the LSAT's I am finally at law school. I will try and write a post later this week about the LSAT's and my attempts and methods used to study for them. I will also give an update on my Orientation that begins Wednesday. Now that law school has started I will incorporate that into my blog more, however I will continue to post sports law and sports related topics. Thanks for reading and enjoy what is to come!

Fantasy Football TIME

It's that time again, Fantasy Football season has slowly crept up to us. I am a huge fan of fantasy sports, all sports. I believe that playing fantasy only causes you to enjoy the sport more and get to know the game and players for that particular sport much better. I have participated in fantasy leagues in football, soccer, basketball, and march madness tourneys.

I am the self proclaimed, "manager of the year" in the fantasy league I am playing with my friends. I recently came back in our baseball league from a miserable last place to third place. I have since dropped to fourth but am playing a late come back, just like the Yanks are doing this season.

I was the winner of the Euro 2008 soccer league this season picking Spain all the way and calling some legit upsets. However, football is my pride and joy, and I find that to be the most entertaining to participate in. I lost by 6 points last year in the finals to Team KOD. I had it all the way, until Tavaris Jackson fumbled the hand off to Adrian Petersen in Overtime of the Vikings last regular season game. I had Jackson and Adrian on my fantasy team last year and that fumble screwed me. I was only down 3 until that point. All I needed was a couple more yards for AP or a TD by Jackson, and then he fumbled. Football is definitely the most exciting and the easiest to keep up with.

It is not as time consuming as a fantasy baseball league because of the fewer amount of total games. You only have to set up your roster once for the weekend and Monday nights games. If you are a fantasy fanatic just like me you check it constantly and are thinking of players to pick up or trade to make your team better.

Anyways, this post was meant to remind all out you out there to sign up for fantasy sports. Whether it is with ESPN, CBS, or whoever, the deadline is creeping up so sign up asap.

Look out to all my fantasy opponents this upcoming season. Team JJ Redickulous is gonna win it all this year.

Argentina Wins Gold In Soccer, Again

This is a little late in the reporting, but Argentina won the Olympic Gold medal in the Mens Soccer division.  Heat was a big factor in the final game as teams stopped with 30 mins in to take a water breaks.  That was the first time I had remembered seeing such a thing occur in a professional game.  I have done that when I played club tournaments in the summber but never in an Olympic final match.

Argentina won in 2004 without letting in a single goal.  They were the first repeat Champions since Hungray did so in 1964, and 1968.  Argentina was led by Lionel Messi who had an assist in the game.  The Argentinians won 1-0 over Nigeria in the finals on Sunday. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Glennon Starting For HOKIES

Exclusive news from the mouth of a true HOKIE fan. The word from the Hokie locker room is that Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Techs sophomore QB stud from last season will be taking a redshirt this season, and will allow Senior Sean Glennon to get all the snaps. This has not been official as of yet, Frank Beamer will announce it at his press conference on Tuesday, but sources close to the Hokie team have told me that Glennon will be the lone QB this season.

VaTech won the ACC title last season, for the second time since entering the four the Atlantic Coast Conference four years ago. The Hokies had a two headed monster of Glennon and Tyrod last season and confused teams with the two different styled QB's. Glennon was a better passer while Tyrod scrambled like Vick. With Sean Glennon in his Senior season as Tyrod only a Sophomore, Beamer has decided to let Taylor learn the offense and his young receivers this season.

This is a great move for Frank and the Hokies this year, as it gives Sean confidence that he needs going into his Senior season. It also will allow Tyrod to learn the new crop of young receivers, and will ensure ACC domination in the next couple seasons. Tyrod is nasty, and could be the next Vick at Tech. He needs to improve his throwing mechanics and decision making, but that will come with time and age. This move will give Tyrod both and allow Sean to show off his talent. He was the ACC MVP last year and a darn good QB. Glennon has progressed over his four seasons at Tech and has shown great signs of improvement this preseason.

The Hokies open up this coming Saturday against East Carolina. ESPN fans voted that this game would be the first big upset of the year. The VT-ECU game earned 31% of the votes on ESPN, over games like LSU-App State and a couple other games I can not remember now.


I had to add these photos to the Blog. Broadway Brett ready to save the JETS.

The Last Lecture

Dr. Randy Pausche recently died of pancreatic cancer and was one hell of a human being. I just started looking at his book The Last Lecture, that I heard is amazing and a must read for everyone. I watched the entire lecture on youtube (If the link does not work, search Randy Pausch, Last Lecture in youtube). It is about an hour and fifteen minutes long but is amazing and will change your life, I promise. Click the link to watch the great motivational speaker at his best.

Randy was diagnosed with cancer and lived his life, happy, healthy and to the fullest after he was diagnosed. He looked at everything as an optimist and his lecture series, The Last Lecture, has changed the lives of many. His speeches really help motivate you to go out and get your dreams. However, lofty, and outrageous they may seem at the time, you only live once, go out and get what you want.

2 New NFL Rules

1) Face masking only 15 yards, no 5 yard penalties anymore.  The referee's will only call 15 yard serious face masking penalties.  If a player unintentionally tugs or moves the face mask the zebra's will now let that play on.  This is good for NFL lineman and defenses, but the ref's will get more scrutiny for the non calls now.

2) No force out rule.  This rule is a huge change as defenders will now be coached to push players out of bounds if they are in the air or close to the sidelines.  WR's will have a harder job now, this should make the games more exciting.  Offensive players must have TWO FEET in bounds or else the catch will not count.  This rule change and the other gives the defense more of an advantage.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who Said Soccer Is Not A Physical Sport? #2

Some people around the globe say that soccer is a namby-pamby sport that is not physical like other sports. They see guys wearing small shorts, diving to the ground, faking fouls and injuries, and do not see a lot of goals or constant action like other sports. However, that really is far from the truth.

Throughout my soccer career I suffered some injuries, none really serious. But in soccer, it is almost impossible to have Brett Favre or Cal Ripken like athletes who rarely get injured and endure long injury free seasons.

Soccer players only wear small shin guards and no other pads, and although goals might be limited, collisions and battles for the ball are frequent. Most professional and international players wear metal studs in their cleats. One spike from those will make you limp around for a while.

Yesterday in a semi-final Concacaf qualifying game, United States midfielder Eddie Lewis reminded us how physical soccer really is when he collided with Guatemala's Gustavo Cabrera. Lewis had his head gashed open, when Cabrera came in and hit him with an elbow on a header by Lewis. Cabrera was quickly sent off with a red card, which made the teams even with ten men only (Steve Cherundelo was sent off for the US with two yellow cards). The US was able to capitalize only minutes later, when Carlos Bocanegra nodded one in off his head from a Demarcus Beasley corner kick. This served to be the lone goal of the game, giving the US the 1-0 victory.

I wrote an earlier post on LIVE From Law School, which described another incident where two soccer players collided and one got seriously injured. Romanian Mirel Radoi was taken off on a stretcher after he clashed heads with his teammate Razvan Rat in the 24th minute of a game in the Euro 2008 tournament that happened earlier this summer. Radoi suffered a broken nose and underwent surgery to reconstruct his face and eye.

These serious incidents do not occur too frequently, but they happen more than you would in soccer. Almost every great player has had some sort of serious injury keeping them away from the game for some period, during their careers. Paolo Maldini, Pele, Landon Donovan, even David Beckham was forced to the sidelines because of an injury. I'm not saying that soccer players are tougher than NFL players. I'm only advising most of you out there who believe that soccer is not a rough contact sport, that you are wrong.

Soccer is a contact sport that requires a lot of coordination, endurance and physical abilities. Just because you see Diego Maradonna and others flopping like recent NBA players have been doing, does not mean that soccer is not a real physical sport.

No Luckett For VaTech This Year

Virginia Tech suspended receiver Zach Luckett indefinitely Monday for a violation of team policy. He was then kicked off the team for this season on Tuesday.

Coach Frank Beamer had no further comment regarding the 6-foot-3, 212-pound redshirt sophomore. With Royal, Clowney and Morgan all leaving for the NFL Luckett was supposed to step in and be the speedster and one of the go-to-guys this season. He was looking to be a for sure starter this season.

Luckett played all 14 games last season. He caught two passes for 15 yards made 15 tackles on special teams. The Hokies are ranked 17th in The Associated Press preseason poll.The AP or VaTech did not announce officially the reason for Luckett's suspension. However being from Blacksburg, VA and knowing people on the team and managers who film the practices, I got the inside word. Apparently Luckett backed into the dumpster at the 7-11 in down town Blacksburg. This was during the night and the cops were in full force in downtown Bburg. The commotion caused from that forced Blacksburg's finest to act. Lucket was charged with reckless driving and a DUI, so I heard. Those offenses and charges warranted him to be kicked off the team this season.

Anyone who has lived in Blacksburg and been to that 7-11 knows that the dumpsters are in a horrible spot and even a sober person could hit them, however, you have to pay for your actions no matter how stupid they are. He was driving his car after having alcohol that night and must have known the consequences before he set out to seven-eleven.

The one thing that bothers me is that he is being punished before he is found guilty. In America you are innocent until proven guilty. There is no way that Luckett could have gone to trial and been found guilty yet, so why punish him if he could get off (especially if this is his first offense)? In the NFL and other professional sports the league administrators do not punish athletes until they are proven guilty of the charges they are accused of, why not do the same with NCAA athletes?

Friday, August 22, 2008

USA Women's Soccer Wins Gold

After a disappointing start to the Olympic games, the United States Women's soccer team was able to fight back and win Gold at the Olympics. A week prior to the games star forward Abby Wambach went down with a broken leg. The women then lost the first game to Norway 2-0, which created scary thoughts for all watching back in the states. If the women were to regain the gold medals again, they would need to pick up the pace big time.

The ladies beat Brazil in the finals today 1-0 in overtime. The game was extremely exciting and was back and forth. The skilled Brazilians had there moments in the overtime periods but the US was able to hold on. The winning goal by Lloyd, came in the 96th minute of extra time.

Lightning Bolt Strikes For Third Gold

Usain Bolt just won his third gold medal of these Olympic games, in World Record Time. The Jamaican now is 3/3 with all three being World Records. He is on a Phelps like pace but is done running in Beijing. His last gold came in the 4 x 400 relay where he help Jamaica win the Gold. The lightning Bolt and his team mates broke a 16 year old world record to win gold.

Read my last post to hear about Usain's two other gold medal runs, along with his Birthday celebrations.

NO Iranians Allowed In the NBA?

I recently wrote a post for that told about the situation with Hamed Ehadadi, an Iranian basketball player who received interest from NBA teams. Below is the post that received a lot of attention and several comments already.

After an impressive showing in Beijing, seven-foot-two Iranian center Hamed Ehadadi caught the eye of many scouts all around the world. In a 97-82 Iranian loss to Argentina, a game that Ehadadi had 21 points and 16 rebounds in, Hamed said through an assistant coach, Mehran Hatami, “It is my dream to play in the NBA.”

Well, that comment and his notable skills during only four games in group play caused NBA commissioner David Stern and the NBA legal counsel to advise NBA teams of their rights when dealing with Iranian players.

In the letter, which was sent to all NBA teams Friday, the NBA legal counsel wrote: “It has come to our attention that representatives of Hamed Ehadadi, an Iranian basketball player, may be contacting NBA teams to discuss the possibility of signing Mr. Ehadadi to an NBA player contract. We have been advised that a federal statue prohibits a person or organization in the United States from engaging in business dealings with Iranian nationals.”

Ehadadi was asked in a press conference if any NBA teams had contacted him so far. He replied by stating that two or three NBA teams had already contacted him, including the Memphis Grizzlies.

In Iran’s four losses in Pool B of the Olympics, Ehadadi averaged 16.5 points, 10 rebounds and 2.5 blocks. He is considered a project by many NBA teams, but recently has shown improvement with his inside game, showing more strength than in previous settings. Ehadadi also has shown that he can block shots. His most impressive attribute however, remains his height. At seven-foot-two, the young 21 year old is a project that many NBA teams would like to start working on right now.

Currently, the NBA is applying to the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control to get a license that would allow any NBA team to negotiate with Ehadadi. Until the NBA gets permission, no franchise is allowed to discuss anything with the HUGE Iranian.

I wonder if the NBA will investigate any of the three teams that have contacted Ehadadi already. If Major League Baseball investigated Manny’s situation after he was traded to L.A. then David Stern will certainly be looking more into this situation and the NBA teams involved. I do not believe it will result in anything substantial, but contacting an athlete who cannot be legally contacted is a violation of NBA rules.

I am in the process of finishing an UPDATE regarding Ehadadi and the leagues recent decision to allow discussions and lift this ban I just talked about. Stay tuned for this update on I want to be a sports agent.

The Battle In Seattle

The Seattle Supersonics are no longer in existence. However, former Sonic owner Howard Schultz is still making a lot of commotion. This past Friday, August 15th, Federal Judge Marsha Pechman set a June 15, 2009 trial date for Schultz’s lawsuit, which seeks to overturn his 2006 sale of the team to Clay Bennett. The sale ultimately led to the movement of the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City. Judge Pechman was also behind the bench for the case between the city of Seattle and Clay Bennett.

Former owner and Starbucks Mogul, Howard Schultz, claims that current owner Clay Bennett failed to keep his promise of making a “good-faith effort” to get a new arena built for the team and allow them to stay in Seattle. Bennett and his group of Oklahoma City investors paid Schultz $350 million for the team.

If Schultz were to succeed in his lawsuit, the team would then be forced to move back to Seattle. Bennett’s initial agreement with Schultz when purchasing the team called for a refund of his payment in order to break the lease, which has not happened yet. Schultz and Seattle fans will have to wait a year to find out if they still have a chance. In the mean time, Bennett and his Oklahoma City team are left without team colors and a name. You can help decide the team’s names and colors by adding your input here at

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy 22nd Birthday Lightning BOLT

Happy 22nd Birthday Usain "the lighting" Bolt.  Thursday is the young world record holder's 22nd birthday.  The amazing 6'5 Jamaican won both the 200m and the 100m gold medals in Beijing and is easily the fastest human in the world.  For the first time since 1979, one man holds the world record in both events. The last man to do so was Donald Quarrie, a Jamaican and it is a Jamaican now.

He is astonishing everyone breaking world records in both events.  Usain is doing in the second week of the Olympics what Michael Phelps was doing during the first week, dominating and making a name for himself.  Usain become the first man since Carl Lewis in 1984 to sweep the 100 and 200 golds at an Olympics. Bolt also broke another American, Michael Johnson's record in the 200m from the 1996 games.  Usain seems confident and has a great attitude with the media, saying "Michael Johnson is a great athlete, and he revolutionized the sport.  I just changed it a little bit," Bolt said.

Bolt changed the sport, simply by winning both races in world record times.  Some call the sight of him running, poetry in motion, and believe he is extremely elegant to watch.  At 6'5 he is a rather tall sprinter but has none of the awkwardness of other taller sprinters in the past.  He uses his huge 9 foot strides for his benefit much like Michael Phelps, Darren Heitner's man crush (hahah), uses his long strides and perfect turns to his advantage.  He really is a bolt of lightning, with a bad ass attitude.  

GO JAMAICA! We got a bobsled team.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now Officially, LIVE From Law School

I would like to apologize to all my loyal readers out there for the lack of posts lately.  I have been in the process of moving from Blacksburg (Go Hokies!) to East Lansing, Michigan for law school.  We finally got TV today and Internet came only days ago.  The house and my room are still a wreck as me and my room mates are trying to organize everything get ready for the school year.

So it is now officially, LIVE from law school, in East Lansing, Michigan.  This only means that the quality of posts and the amount of information that you can and will find on this blog will increase.  Get excited everybody, I know you are all ecstatic.  

I have a lot to catch up on in the world of sports.  The Olympics in Beijing are still going strong with many US athletes and teams still competing.  My intermittent blog writing has left a lot of Olympic games to discuss.  Michael Phelps is still amazing going 8/8, all eight of them being GOLD Medals.  The Re-Deem Team, USA Men's basketball has gone undefeated, demolishing all four teams they have played so far.  They are now entering the single elimination round of the tournament and are the strong favorites to win gold.  Go USA!

Alvarez Signs

It is now past August 15th, the signing deadline has ended and the Pittsburg Pirates million-dollar draft pick Pedro Alvarez has signed an official contract with the Pirates.  Scott Bora's client was the second overall pick in this years MLB Draft by the Pirates.  Since Pittsburgh worked out a deal with Pedro, he will not go back into the draft.  Alvarez was looking to earn around $7 million dollars with his signing bonus.  The "cheap" Pirates decided to listen to Alvarez's agent Scott Boras, and signed the young stud.  With Bora's behind the negotiations the Pirates did not seem eager listening to any of Scott's earlier offers.  With hours left until the deadline ended, the Pirates made a smart move and paid Alvarez and Boras.

Alvarez is compared to Manny Ramirez and could certainly be worth just as much someday. Other equivalent draft picks such as 2008 1st overall pick Tim Beckham, signed with Tampa Bay for a $6.15 million signing bonus.  I have not heard the exact price that Alvarez signed for but the Pirates are not likely to go much higher than that.

After trading Jason Bay, Damaso Marte, and Xavier Nady and others it looks the past ten years have been rebuilding years for the Pirates.  They have consistently been shedding good players and clearing salary cap space.  Pittsburgh has a young lineup, especially after gaining Neil Walker, and LaRoche. They claim to be building for the future.  Signing the second pick of the draft is a great way to build for the future.  The Pirates made a great move and did not let this guy slip thru their fingers like they usually do.  Maybe they will keep Pedro and make the playoffs for the first time in a while..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winning A Gold Blindfolded

Michael Phelps is so good that he was able to win the 200m butterfly final,swimming in the blind.  As soon as he jumped into the water, Phelps goggles started to leak.  By the end of the race he had a decent amount of water in his goggles.  As he cruised into the finish line to win his 5th Olympic gold this year, Phelps ripped off his goggles and water was pouring out.  

After the race an announcer on NBC said that Phelps coach would occasionally do things to him before meets, that would prepare him for unforeseen events in the future.  He then told a story of how his coach stepped on his goggles and broke them right before a swim meet, on purpose.  Phelps swam that meet with broken goggles, but I have to believe that that incident prepared him for this situation in the Olympics.  Swimming with broken goggles is ridiculous.  If you can not see where you are going and you are to swim your fastest in a lane, it is pretty hard.  Phelps had the concentration and control to act cool, calm and collective and still win his 5th gold.

Michael Phelps has now gone 8/8 in the 2008 Olympics.  Winning all 8 gold medals is amazing and was the goal that Phelps had going into Beijing.  His seventh and eighth gold medal races were extremely close, not to mention the relay race early on where Lezak came from behind to save the day.  After winning 8 gold medals these Olympic games and becoming the Olympian with the most total medals since the Olympics began, can we now call Phelps the greatest?  

No, I do not have a man crush on him, its just truly amazing to me that he won 8 gold medals and did not falter once during any race.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jets Add Spice: Jenn Sterger Is NEW Gameday Host

The New York Jets did not only add future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre to there roster.  They also added Jenn Sterger the FSU cowgirl who caught national attention from a Brent Musburger comment on national television, “Fifteen hundred red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.”  Sterger will be one of the hosts on the NY Jets gameday special.  She will interview celebrities and will host a pregame “Keys to the Game” segment and the club’s pregame components up until player introductions. She’ll also play a role during TV timeouts and at halftime.

Mathew Allinson wrote a great piece on about her dream and desire to be a sports agent and take Drew Rosenhaus's job.  Jenn not only is hot but she has a brain too and would be attending law school if she wasn't working with the Jets now.  Maybe she will be next to me or you in class in the future.

Best Olympian Ever

American Swimmer Michael Phelps has just won his 10th career Olympic Gold Medal.  He now stands alone as the only athlete to win 10 gold medals.

It was only minutes ago when Phelps won the 200m butterfly to capture his fourth Gold of the 2008 Olympics and his 10th overall gold medal.  Phelps is 4/4 this Olympics with gold medals and has broken world records in all four events.  This begs to question if he truly is the best Olympian ever.  The B-more native is nasty and even has the chance at winning 4 more gold medals in China.  His fourth gold medal tonight was his 25th career world record, he needs three more total medals to tie Mark Spitz's record of overall medals.  He is extremely young and certainly should pass that record before his swimming career is over.  Phelps has another relay final tonight and another chance at Gold.  GO USA!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Could LeBron Go Overseas?

The talk of the summer in regards to professional basketball has got to be the decision of NBA players choosing foreign leagues. Josh Childress, Carlos Arroyo, and the several other NBA players have decided to leave North America to play in overseas next season.  All the players that have decided to leave the NBA to play overseas are great players, but so far none have been really big names in the NBA.  What if Kobe Bryant or Chris Paul were to be the next player to go overseas?  

Well, A source close to LeBron James said that the king has now thought about playing overseas if he were offered the right price.  ESPN has a great article on this issue.  The article explains how this could really be a serious option for LeBron in the future.  The type of money that these foreign leagues are throwing at NBA players is unreal and I would not be surprised to see LeBron take the money and run.  Here is a quote from ESPN that helps explain why foreign leagues are so attractive.

 "The Russian team CSKA Moscow and the Greek team Olympiacos, which recently gave Josh Childress a contract approaching $30 million over three years, have already contacted James, according to the person close to him. The person added, however, that no monetary or contractual discussions have taken place.  While $50 million a year seems outlandish, it is within the realm of possibility, considering the reported $250 million contract David Beckham received two years ago to join Major League Soccer, the $33 million Michael Jordan was paid by the Chicago Bulls for the 1997-98 season, the strength of the euro in comparison to the dollar, and the fact that European clubs are not bound by a salary cap."

At the end of this NBA season we will have the opportunity to see what LeBron will officially do.  He is close friends with Jay-Z, New Jersey Nets co-owner, and has been heard saying that he "loves New York."  The Knicks have moved players around and are attempting to open salary cap space for LeBron next year.  The NJ Nets are also rumored to be moving to Brooklyn, NY in the future.  A move to Brooklyn would make Jay-Z and James both very happy.

 After this summer and all the players moving overseas it would not surprise me to see LeBron attract more attention to himself and leave the continent.  The one thing that seems to be certain is that LeBron will NOT be in Cleveland and will be using the opt-out clause in his contract after the 2008-09 seasons.  If the King does not end up in New York then a foreign league is certainly a strong possibility.


Notre Dame Facebook Update

Here is the picture that got the Notre Dame football team in trouble.  This pic of QB Jimmy Clausen drinking at a "beer Olympics" was posted on facebook.  Clausen was rated one of the best young QB and is seen as the future for Notre Dame football. Clausen is under 21 but was never shown actually drinking in any of the pictures.  He was in a red uniform and with several other students (2 of them were his football team mates) in the picture.  It looks like he was playing flip cup with the team and was celebrating after a game with a pic.  Clausen has commented on the picture but no action by the university has been made.  This could be his second alcohol related violation and he could face stern disciplinary charges by Notre Dame or the NCAA.  Facebook busted Clausen.  

The NCAA and ESPN have made this issue a huge deal.  Facebook is being used to often to get kids in trouble.  I think it is ridiculous that he could get in trouble for some incriminating picture that an idiot put up.  He isn't even actually drinking in any of the shots and there is not much more evidence that could prove he was really drinking.  How do they not know he wasn't at the party drinking water being the DD just getting in pictures with friends and girls?  

Facebook has also been used by campus police to get kids in trouble and also by police departments.  Pictures are great ways to catch kids with evidence or doing illegal things.  When idiots put these types of pictures online for all of the world to see, you can bet they will get in trouble for it.  Although I believe you should be able to post whatever you want as freedom of speech, you obviously can not have illegal pictures or any evidence of illegal activities online for public viewing.  You are asking to get in trouble if you or whoever is stupid enough to make those pictures available.  With the digital era now into full effect you had better watch what you post.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Speedo LZR Racer

The Olympics have begun and Michael Phelps is attempting to win the most medals ever for any Olympic athlete.  He only needs to win 4 total medals to do so and has already won a gold the first day of competition.  A huge part of the swimmers success this year has been accredited to the new Speedo LZR racer swimsuit.  The suit is like steroids and has helped athletes break many world records in qualifying.  As you watch the swimming events in the birds nest this year just look to see how many of the swimmers are wearing the LZR.  I'm willing to that almost all of the gold medals winners have it on.  I have wrote several pieces on regarding the suit.  Michael Phelps, who is sponsored by Nike,
has even got permission to wear the LZR in Olympic competition in attempts to be the best swimmer ever.  This new swimwear is certainly helping athletes break records.

The ReDeam Team

USA basketball just played their first game of the XXIX Olympics.  To start their road to redemption, USA's "dream team" part II, beat the home team China by 31 points, 101-70.  The stadium was packed and the fans were cheering for both teams, even though China is the home favorite.  Wade scored 19 points and James had 18 for the Americans in one of the most highly anticipated events of these Summer Games. 

The Chinese people LOVE the NBA and basketball is an up and coming thing in China.  The "ambassador" of basketball to the Chinese people is Yao Ming, and the NBA popularity only is growing.  Yi Jianling followed in Yao's shoes and is now with the NJ Nets in a huge market.  There were only 4 Chinese players in the NBA when Yao entered in 2002, now there are 77 players in the NBA.

China is trying to put at least one basketball court in all of its provinces.  The Chinese media and fans love all NBA players.  Yao's jersey is only the sixth best seller in China, behind Kobe, D Wade, and James.  Team USA could not even stay at the Olympic village because of there extreme popularity with fans and media.  Kobe Bryant got slammed with media so much when he visited the Olympic village.  He was late to the teams practice and first game because the fans were flashing pictures and wanting to touch the star as he walked to the arena.  

The Chinese do not seem to have a chance at meddling this Olympics, but anything is possible.  The entire country has grown to love basketball and NBA players and are welcoming Team USA on their "road to redemption" winning back the gold medal.

Opening Games

The long anticipated XXIX Olympics in China are underway.  The opening ceremonies on 8-8-08 were amazing and some of the most beautiful dances and ceremonies that I have ever witnessed. The Chinese have the means and the man power to make this years Olympic games the best ever.  The country spend millions and billions of dollars to "clean up" the city and get it Olympic ready.  They also did not save anything on the Olympic games opening ceremonies.  In my opinion these were the best opening ceremonies ever, at least out of the ones I have witnessed.

For the second time in a row, Yao Ming held the flag for China.  NBA's Dirk Nowitzki held it for team Germany.  The U.S. had a Darfur survivor who was competing in a track and field event hold its flag.  The Americans as usual, had a great story behind the individual who held the flag.  Being a survivor of the genocide in Darfur, he was able to escape to America, and also was able to find his family in Darfur before the games.  

The ceremonies went on to address the many ages and centuries of Chinese culture.  Starting back in the early ages and progressing to the future with dances and music and pictures made by the many volunteers covered in bright green lights.  The entire ceremony was amazing, but my favorite part was when the individuals in lights were running around and making pictures with their positioning.  It reminded me of the Ohio State marching band dotting the i, or Virginia Tech tighty-whities when they are on the field at half time.  The picture above shows how cool they looked with bright green lights. 

Although you can still see the smog surrounding the city, the games are underway and full of passion.  The Olympics are a time for national unity and a great time to see the best in the world compete.  I hope NBC does not makes its Olympic coverage strictly on US athletes.  I'd love to see the USA basketball team and volleyball and others, but PLEASE let us see the best athletes in the world, even if they are not American.

Friday, August 8, 2008

6-Pac Challenge

I was watching an episode of "Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Dallas Cowboys" when I saw a remarkable things.  Adam Jones, the cowboys cornerback and punt returner was catching punts during practice, but he did not drop the footballs he caught.  At one point he had five footballs in his hands before he was able to coralle in the 6th ball.  Catching and holding onto six balls takes some talent and Pacman must have practiced this sometime before, maybe in Tenneessee.  

Wide receiver Patrick Crayton then attempted Jone's 6-Pac challenge and only made it to four balls.  He tried it later in the week and was able to match Pacman's total of 6.  This episode was full of Pacman coverage.  It also showed how Adam Jones was guarding T.O. for a majority of the practices and how heated the battle truely was.  I believe that this type of competitive practice will make both of those players better and the Dallas organization.  Going against the best in practice every day not only allows back-ups to learn from the best but it gives others the opportunity to rise up and play at the level or Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten and Marion Barber.

With the Cowboys no hitting policy in practices, Pacman's six pac routine was the most entertaining thing I had seen during the episode.  CLICK HERE to see Pacman's 6-pac challenge on youtube.

Look Out For Facebook

The Notre Dame football team is facing questions this preseason as several athletes were posted on facebook with suspicious cups in their hands.  This is not the first time that athletes have been questioned or faced suspensions from facebook incidents.  It appears that pictures are enough evidence to convict these athletes and get them in trouble, athletically and legally.  The digital era is upon us, athletes and non-athletes need to be aware that what they post online (pics, blogs, whatever..) can and will be read and viewed by others.  Facebook is a great tool to connect people all over the world.  It can be a benefit and something harmful at the same time.  Look out people, watch what you put online.

Preseason Football Rankings Are OUT!!!!

The NCAA college football preseason rankings are officially out!  The Georgia Bulldogs are the #1 team going into the 2008/ 09 season.   GA is followed by USC, Ohio State, Florida, Oklahoma, Mizzouri, Clemson, West Virginia, LSU and Auburn rounds out the top ten power rankings preseason. The rest of the top 20 are below.  Here is a link to see the entire rankings and ESPN analysis.  

11Texas0-0222The pass defense struggled in '07. Does new DC Will Muschamp have a solution? In the pass-happy Big 12, he'll need to find answers -- fast.
12Wisconsin0-0219Wisconsin's last Big Ten title came in 1999. The good news? The Badgers get Big Ten favorite Ohio State at Camp Randall Stadium on Oct. 4.
13Texas Tech0-0203Harrell, Crabtree and Co. get much love (and deservedly so). If the Red Raiders' defense joins the party, a BCS bowl berth could be on the horizon.
14Brigham Young0-0152The Cougars own consecutive MWC titles and are favored to win their third straight this season. A 16-game league winning streak doesn't hurt, either.
15Arizona State0-0131Dennis Erickson led ASU to 10 wins in his first year. Year 2 will prove to be more difficult with five Pac-10 road games and a visit from Georgia.
16Virginia Tech0-0106Defense rules -- especially in Blacksburg. The Hokies have led the ACC in total defense the last three seasons, but only four starters return in 2008.
17Oregon0-0106Dennis Dixon is gone, and QBs Nathan Costa and Justin Roper offer little experience. But the Ducks should once again be in the Pac-10 mix.
18South Florida0-0103The Bulls have defeated preseason favorite West Va. the last two years. If they accomplish the trifecta on Dec. 6, they just might win their first league title.
19Tennessee0-0102The 'us against the world mentality' makes its return. Most expect the Vols to finish third in the SEC -- the SEC East that is. Is UT underrated -- again?
20Penn State0-099Rumors of Joe Paterno's retirement. Off-the-field issues. Suspensions. You can bet that few teams are looking forward to the season more than PSU.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boykins Becomes Highest Paid Player In Italy

Earl Boykins Former Chartlotte Bobcat G Earl Boykins, signed with Italian Club Virtus for $3.5 million a year.  Easy Earl is yet another player leaving the NBA for the high priced salaries given overseas. 

Boykins' Cleveland-based agent, Mark Termini, announced Tuesday that Boykins has signed a one-year contract with Italy's Virtus Bologna. The deal, according to Termini, is worth more than $3.5 million for the 2008-09 season, which would make the 5-foot-5 guard Italy's highest-paid player.

Since free agency began July 1, Boykins is the ninth player who worked in the NBA last season to bypass the tight free-agent market for role players at home and head overseas. Yet he's just the third -- following Josh Childress and Carlos Arroyo -- who played almost exclusively in the NBA before considering interest from abroad.

According to Termini and co-agent Andy Bountogianis, Boykins' deal includes income from Bologna's sponsorship and marketing arms, which is not an option for NBA players because of salary-cap restrictions.

If this trend continues we really might see LeBron playing in Europe.  Stay tuned for a future post on LeBron and his talk about heading overseas.

Fav-Rah Jersey

As I stated in my previous post, Brett Favre's a New York Jet and I am extremely happy for that.  The #4 reebok Favre jersey in gang green is now a hot item.  I just ordered my jersey from  You can get the
#4 Favre replica jersey for $80 bux plus shipping.  They also have authentic jerseys in white and green.  This was one of the only sites that I found that had the jerseys still available.  The jetsshop on either does not have them yet or are already on back order.  So order quickly or you will have to wait a while until you can rock the #4 jersey.

Brett's A Jet!!!

J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!  After many years of bad football and horrible draft picks, the New York Jets organization has finally made a great move.  Trading the Green Bay Packers for QB Brett Favre is a great pick up for the Jets and excites Jet fans like me.  Seeing #4 wear gangrene next year is going to be awesome and I can not wait.  

The Jets traded two draft picks for Favre.  The picks are undetermined now as they rely on Favre's performance and how many snaps he plays in this next season.  They will get 2 draft picks, most likely a second and third round pick.  Right now it is a 4th round pick only but will certainly turn into an earlier round pick as Favre only needs to play 50% of the snaps for the this to occur.  The picks rely heavily on the percentage of snaps Brett takes in a green jersey and if the Jets make the playoffs.  If Favre leads the Jets to the Super Bowl then it will turn into a first round pick. The Packers will most likely get a first or second round draft pick for Brett, and that is what they wanted to get.  The Jets are getting a great QB who has been injury free almost his entire career and still has a lot left in his arm.  The days of Chad Pennington and the Jets QB battle are finally over.  The Jets should have picked Favre in 1992 when he was coming out of college, but did not get the opportunity as Green Bay picked him up a pick before the Jets could.  16 years later, that dream has now come true as Brett will be the next big QB in NYC.  Can we say "Broadway Brett?"

The Jets announced that Kellen Clemens will be the backup QB for Favre, and that Chad Pennington's days as a Jet are over.  New York will attempt to trade or waive Pennington asap after acquiring Brett.

As a Jet fan I am extremely excited for this season.  The trade makes the Jets legitimate and a contender.  Favre v Brady two times a year in the AFC will be a great match up.  Brett will like the bright lights and big city of the the big apple even though he is a country boy.  He can certainly wear his Wranglers in the city and can also go hunting in NJ or upstate NY.  I think that Favre will come in and energize this team.  Look out Pat's!

Brett Favre 2008 Timeline

The Brett Favre saga in Green Bay might be nearing a conclusion after the unretired quarterback said he and the team might be better off without each other. A look at how the story has unfolded:

Aug. 6: Traded to New York Jets for conditional draft pick.

Aug. 5: Left practice facility in the afternoon ... did not practice with the team ... met with Packers officials to discuss trade options ... tells ESPN's Chris Mortensen "the best thing for this team is for us to part ways" ... considers talking to the Buccaneers about a possible trade.

Aug. 4: Favre reports to training camp and is added to active roster after passing physical

Aug. 3: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates Favre

July 31: Favre offered $25 million to not report to camp

July 30: Meets with Packers president Mark Murphy in Mississippi

July 29: Faxes reinstatement request to NFL

July 25: Favre tells Packers he plans to report to training camp

July 19: Returns to Lambeau Field to attend Packers Hall of Fame ceremony

July 16: Packers file tampering charges with NFL against Vikings

July 11: Packers receive letter from Favre formally requesting release

July 8: Favre asks for release with understanding he won't be starter

July 6: Sends text message to Packers GM Ted Thompson

July 2: Favre says reports of return were "all rumor"

June 20: Favre tells coach Mike McCarthy he may want to play again

April 9: Says he might consider comeback if opportunity was presented

April 4: Agent reportedly contacts teams to gauge trade interest

April 3: Denies rumors of a comeback

March 6: Favre conducts retirement news conference

Jan. 20: Packers lose NFC Championship Game to the Giants in OT