Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1L Law School Update

So far, the material on this blog has been mainly sports related. I have been really involved in sports and reading a lot about sports agents lately, and have the desire to become one after law school. This blog was created to talk about sports, but also to talk about my experiences as a 1L in law school and some information on how I got into law school and such.

Well, the time has finally come for me to start my first year at Thomas Cooley Law school, so I will certainly have a lot to talk about in the upcoming days, months, and year. Classes start next week for me, but I have orientation this week. The classes that I am taking this semester are Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts, and Introduction to Law. Cooley works on trimesters instead of the more traditional two semesters that I was used to in undergraduate studies.

I am excited and eager to start my first year. I have been dreaming and preparing for this moment for many years now. My grandfather was a Judge, and lawyer in Brooklyn, NY and I have many other attorneys in the family tree. I have wanted to be a lawyer ever since age 14 or so. Law and Order and a bunch of other books influenced me along the way. After several years and multiple attempts of studying the LSAT's I am finally at law school. I will try and write a post later this week about the LSAT's and my attempts and methods used to study for them. I will also give an update on my Orientation that begins Wednesday. Now that law school has started I will incorporate that into my blog more, however I will continue to post sports law and sports related topics. Thanks for reading and enjoy what is to come!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck at Cooley. I graduated from there on Sunday. My class started with 1015 students in Sept 2005. We graduated with 227. I bet the admissions office didn't tell you about the 77% attrition rate. You'll get two semesters of academic probation and a lifetime of student loan debt. If you had trouble with the LSAT, you probably need to seek out "John the Tutor." He's a much better teacher than most
Cooley "professors." I think he's in the Lansing phone book under Law School Educational services or some similar name.

Anonymous said...

It's Lestutor.com