Monday, August 25, 2008

2 New NFL Rules

1) Face masking only 15 yards, no 5 yard penalties anymore.  The referee's will only call 15 yard serious face masking penalties.  If a player unintentionally tugs or moves the face mask the zebra's will now let that play on.  This is good for NFL lineman and defenses, but the ref's will get more scrutiny for the non calls now.

2) No force out rule.  This rule is a huge change as defenders will now be coached to push players out of bounds if they are in the air or close to the sidelines.  WR's will have a harder job now, this should make the games more exciting.  Offensive players must have TWO FEET in bounds or else the catch will not count.  This rule change and the other gives the defense more of an advantage.

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