Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alvarez Signs

It is now past August 15th, the signing deadline has ended and the Pittsburg Pirates million-dollar draft pick Pedro Alvarez has signed an official contract with the Pirates.  Scott Bora's client was the second overall pick in this years MLB Draft by the Pirates.  Since Pittsburgh worked out a deal with Pedro, he will not go back into the draft.  Alvarez was looking to earn around $7 million dollars with his signing bonus.  The "cheap" Pirates decided to listen to Alvarez's agent Scott Boras, and signed the young stud.  With Bora's behind the negotiations the Pirates did not seem eager listening to any of Scott's earlier offers.  With hours left until the deadline ended, the Pirates made a smart move and paid Alvarez and Boras.

Alvarez is compared to Manny Ramirez and could certainly be worth just as much someday. Other equivalent draft picks such as 2008 1st overall pick Tim Beckham, signed with Tampa Bay for a $6.15 million signing bonus.  I have not heard the exact price that Alvarez signed for but the Pirates are not likely to go much higher than that.

After trading Jason Bay, Damaso Marte, and Xavier Nady and others it looks the past ten years have been rebuilding years for the Pirates.  They have consistently been shedding good players and clearing salary cap space.  Pittsburgh has a young lineup, especially after gaining Neil Walker, and LaRoche. They claim to be building for the future.  Signing the second pick of the draft is a great way to build for the future.  The Pirates made a great move and did not let this guy slip thru their fingers like they usually do.  Maybe they will keep Pedro and make the playoffs for the first time in a while..

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