Monday, August 11, 2008

Could LeBron Go Overseas?

The talk of the summer in regards to professional basketball has got to be the decision of NBA players choosing foreign leagues. Josh Childress, Carlos Arroyo, and the several other NBA players have decided to leave North America to play in overseas next season.  All the players that have decided to leave the NBA to play overseas are great players, but so far none have been really big names in the NBA.  What if Kobe Bryant or Chris Paul were to be the next player to go overseas?  

Well, A source close to LeBron James said that the king has now thought about playing overseas if he were offered the right price.  ESPN has a great article on this issue.  The article explains how this could really be a serious option for LeBron in the future.  The type of money that these foreign leagues are throwing at NBA players is unreal and I would not be surprised to see LeBron take the money and run.  Here is a quote from ESPN that helps explain why foreign leagues are so attractive.

 "The Russian team CSKA Moscow and the Greek team Olympiacos, which recently gave Josh Childress a contract approaching $30 million over three years, have already contacted James, according to the person close to him. The person added, however, that no monetary or contractual discussions have taken place.  While $50 million a year seems outlandish, it is within the realm of possibility, considering the reported $250 million contract David Beckham received two years ago to join Major League Soccer, the $33 million Michael Jordan was paid by the Chicago Bulls for the 1997-98 season, the strength of the euro in comparison to the dollar, and the fact that European clubs are not bound by a salary cap."

At the end of this NBA season we will have the opportunity to see what LeBron will officially do.  He is close friends with Jay-Z, New Jersey Nets co-owner, and has been heard saying that he "loves New York."  The Knicks have moved players around and are attempting to open salary cap space for LeBron next year.  The NJ Nets are also rumored to be moving to Brooklyn, NY in the future.  A move to Brooklyn would make Jay-Z and James both very happy.

 After this summer and all the players moving overseas it would not surprise me to see LeBron attract more attention to himself and leave the continent.  The one thing that seems to be certain is that LeBron will NOT be in Cleveland and will be using the opt-out clause in his contract after the 2008-09 seasons.  If the King does not end up in New York then a foreign league is certainly a strong possibility.


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