Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fantasy Football TIME

It's that time again, Fantasy Football season has slowly crept up to us. I am a huge fan of fantasy sports, all sports. I believe that playing fantasy only causes you to enjoy the sport more and get to know the game and players for that particular sport much better. I have participated in fantasy leagues in football, soccer, basketball, and march madness tourneys.

I am the self proclaimed, "manager of the year" in the fantasy league I am playing with my friends. I recently came back in our baseball league from a miserable last place to third place. I have since dropped to fourth but am playing a late come back, just like the Yanks are doing this season.

I was the winner of the Euro 2008 soccer league this season picking Spain all the way and calling some legit upsets. However, football is my pride and joy, and I find that to be the most entertaining to participate in. I lost by 6 points last year in the finals to Team KOD. I had it all the way, until Tavaris Jackson fumbled the hand off to Adrian Petersen in Overtime of the Vikings last regular season game. I had Jackson and Adrian on my fantasy team last year and that fumble screwed me. I was only down 3 until that point. All I needed was a couple more yards for AP or a TD by Jackson, and then he fumbled. Football is definitely the most exciting and the easiest to keep up with.

It is not as time consuming as a fantasy baseball league because of the fewer amount of total games. You only have to set up your roster once for the weekend and Monday nights games. If you are a fantasy fanatic just like me you check it constantly and are thinking of players to pick up or trade to make your team better.

Anyways, this post was meant to remind all out you out there to sign up for fantasy sports. Whether it is with ESPN, CBS, or whoever, the deadline is creeping up so sign up asap.

Look out to all my fantasy opponents this upcoming season. Team JJ Redickulous is gonna win it all this year.

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