Monday, August 25, 2008

The Last Lecture

Dr. Randy Pausche recently died of pancreatic cancer and was one hell of a human being. I just started looking at his book The Last Lecture, that I heard is amazing and a must read for everyone. I watched the entire lecture on youtube (If the link does not work, search Randy Pausch, Last Lecture in youtube). It is about an hour and fifteen minutes long but is amazing and will change your life, I promise. Click the link to watch the great motivational speaker at his best.

Randy was diagnosed with cancer and lived his life, happy, healthy and to the fullest after he was diagnosed. He looked at everything as an optimist and his lecture series, The Last Lecture, has changed the lives of many. His speeches really help motivate you to go out and get your dreams. However, lofty, and outrageous they may seem at the time, you only live once, go out and get what you want.

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If the link did not work for you, type in Randy Pausch, Last Lecture in youtube and search...