Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mustache Battle on ESPN

ESPN has been doing brackets lately, describing the best and worst of different things.  They recently did a bracket pitting the best mustaches of all time against each other in order to find the best.  The contestants for the contest were Jake Plummer, Adam Morrison, Rollie Fingers, David Crosby, Mike Holmgren, Geraldo Rivera, Frida Khalo and Gene Shalit. 

The final four came down to Plummer vs Shalit, and Geraldo versus Mike Holmgren.  Geraldo and Shalit later met in the finals with Geraldo Rivera being declared the mustache bracket champion.  ESPN analysts said that they gave Rivera the nod over others because despite all of his blunders and faults, his mustache has stayed true and has hidden him from the negative publicity.  I don't know if Geraldo has the BEST mustache, but it is a classic one.  I still think that Rollie Fingers curled mustache looks the coolest, but I believe Hulk Hogan has one of the most memorable ones.  The great Yankee reliever Goose Goosage has the most renown mustache.  Congrats to Goose on being selected to this years Hall of Fame class in Cooperstown.

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