Monday, August 11, 2008

Notre Dame Facebook Update

Here is the picture that got the Notre Dame football team in trouble.  This pic of QB Jimmy Clausen drinking at a "beer Olympics" was posted on facebook.  Clausen was rated one of the best young QB and is seen as the future for Notre Dame football. Clausen is under 21 but was never shown actually drinking in any of the pictures.  He was in a red uniform and with several other students (2 of them were his football team mates) in the picture.  It looks like he was playing flip cup with the team and was celebrating after a game with a pic.  Clausen has commented on the picture but no action by the university has been made.  This could be his second alcohol related violation and he could face stern disciplinary charges by Notre Dame or the NCAA.  Facebook busted Clausen.  

The NCAA and ESPN have made this issue a huge deal.  Facebook is being used to often to get kids in trouble.  I think it is ridiculous that he could get in trouble for some incriminating picture that an idiot put up.  He isn't even actually drinking in any of the shots and there is not much more evidence that could prove he was really drinking.  How do they not know he wasn't at the party drinking water being the DD just getting in pictures with friends and girls?  

Facebook has also been used by campus police to get kids in trouble and also by police departments.  Pictures are great ways to catch kids with evidence or doing illegal things.  When idiots put these types of pictures online for all of the world to see, you can bet they will get in trouble for it.  Although I believe you should be able to post whatever you want as freedom of speech, you obviously can not have illegal pictures or any evidence of illegal activities online for public viewing.  You are asking to get in trouble if you or whoever is stupid enough to make those pictures available.  With the digital era now into full effect you had better watch what you post.

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