Sunday, August 10, 2008

Opening Games

The long anticipated XXIX Olympics in China are underway.  The opening ceremonies on 8-8-08 were amazing and some of the most beautiful dances and ceremonies that I have ever witnessed. The Chinese have the means and the man power to make this years Olympic games the best ever.  The country spend millions and billions of dollars to "clean up" the city and get it Olympic ready.  They also did not save anything on the Olympic games opening ceremonies.  In my opinion these were the best opening ceremonies ever, at least out of the ones I have witnessed.

For the second time in a row, Yao Ming held the flag for China.  NBA's Dirk Nowitzki held it for team Germany.  The U.S. had a Darfur survivor who was competing in a track and field event hold its flag.  The Americans as usual, had a great story behind the individual who held the flag.  Being a survivor of the genocide in Darfur, he was able to escape to America, and also was able to find his family in Darfur before the games.  

The ceremonies went on to address the many ages and centuries of Chinese culture.  Starting back in the early ages and progressing to the future with dances and music and pictures made by the many volunteers covered in bright green lights.  The entire ceremony was amazing, but my favorite part was when the individuals in lights were running around and making pictures with their positioning.  It reminded me of the Ohio State marching band dotting the i, or Virginia Tech tighty-whities when they are on the field at half time.  The picture above shows how cool they looked with bright green lights. 

Although you can still see the smog surrounding the city, the games are underway and full of passion.  The Olympics are a time for national unity and a great time to see the best in the world compete.  I hope NBC does not makes its Olympic coverage strictly on US athletes.  I'd love to see the USA basketball team and volleyball and others, but PLEASE let us see the best athletes in the world, even if they are not American.

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