Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poll Results

I had several polls on the right side of LIVE From Law School.  These polls recently ended and although the sample size is nothing to be impressed about I will still report the results.  If you see any new polls on this blog please do not hesitate to vote.  Just like the American democratic system, your vote counts and I encourage you to get your voice heard voting.

The first poll asked "Who will win the NBA rookie of the year?"  A total of 15 votes were casted, 8 (53%) of them went to Michael Beasley, 3 votes (20%) to OJ Mayo and 2 votes (13%) went to Derek Rose and Kevin Love.

The next question posed asked if the Tampa Bay Rays were the best team in baseball so far?  This poll received 8 total votes in its short existence.  3 votes (37%) for No and 3 for yes, and 2 votes (25%) were casted for, yes, they are so far category.

Another poll that recently ended asked "Who has/had the best mustache in sports?"  This poll saw 11 voters click in.  4 votes or 36% of the voting went to the great Zak Kurtz and his drawn on mustache from Roanoke's mustache bash.  3 votes (27%) went to Jake Plumber and his nasty stache from 2007. 2 tallys went to the famous Rollie Fingers of the Oakland A's, and last but not least were Hulk Hogan and Joe Namath's mustache's earning one votes or 9% of the total.

Please vote on the others polls that I have on this website in the future.  I will keep these polls open longer to get a larger sample size.  If you are visiting this site please vote and feel free to send me your feedback.  Thanks and have a great night!

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