Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Good?

Can anyone ever be too good at something?  A nine year old child in New Haven, Conn. was told he was "too good" to be pitching anymore in his baseball league.  I heard about this on ESPN on Tuesday and now I just read more about it on
ESPN's site.

They said that the boy threw 40 MPH and that it was too fast and accurate for him to continue playing in his current league.  Young Jericho Scott, is a right handed pitcher who has some serious skill.  Apparently he has too much.  With the competitive nature in today's society, I am left to wonder how any league could tell a young child they are too good to play.  The child's age is alarming but also the leagues sanctions toward this child are unreal.  Are we as adults, setting a good example for our youth when we ban this amazing athlete from pitching because he is too good.  Did a young Roger Clemens get banned from his youth league for striking out too many batters?

This is preposterous and I think that the league should revoke there restrictions regarding Jericho.  America thrives on competition and the fact that an underdog can arise at any time.  What is Jericho goes the entire season striking out batters, and then one kid homers off of him in the finals and they lose.  Image that kids reaction when he gets the winning hit off a great nine year old like Jericho.  When the league steps in, like this situation, we are hurting not only Jericho but many other little league out there.

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