Wednesday, August 6, 2008

US Womens Soccer

The US Women's soccer team lost 0-2 to Norway on Wednesday in the first game of the 2008 Olympics.  This is the first time the US has lost to Norway in ten games.  The Norwegians are a great team still and were viewed as the second best team for many years behind the US.  Playing many close game and even beating the US Women early on during professional women's soccer birth.  

This is not a good sign for team USA after Forward and leading goal scorer Abby Wambach went down two weeks ago with a broken foot, and is missing the Olympics.  The loss of Wambach and USA losing its first game in the Olympics is not how USA wanted to start the tournament.  USA won the last Olympic games and is looking to defend the title.  They can still advance with one loss but must pick up their play to do so.  Women's soccer players all over the world have gotten a lot better and USA will have to find some goals and play as a team to beat the bigger teams and defend.

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