Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winning A Gold Blindfolded

Michael Phelps is so good that he was able to win the 200m butterfly final,swimming in the blind.  As soon as he jumped into the water, Phelps goggles started to leak.  By the end of the race he had a decent amount of water in his goggles.  As he cruised into the finish line to win his 5th Olympic gold this year, Phelps ripped off his goggles and water was pouring out.  

After the race an announcer on NBC said that Phelps coach would occasionally do things to him before meets, that would prepare him for unforeseen events in the future.  He then told a story of how his coach stepped on his goggles and broke them right before a swim meet, on purpose.  Phelps swam that meet with broken goggles, but I have to believe that that incident prepared him for this situation in the Olympics.  Swimming with broken goggles is ridiculous.  If you can not see where you are going and you are to swim your fastest in a lane, it is pretty hard.  Phelps had the concentration and control to act cool, calm and collective and still win his 5th gold.

Michael Phelps has now gone 8/8 in the 2008 Olympics.  Winning all 8 gold medals is amazing and was the goal that Phelps had going into Beijing.  His seventh and eighth gold medal races were extremely close, not to mention the relay race early on where Lezak came from behind to save the day.  After winning 8 gold medals these Olympic games and becoming the Olympian with the most total medals since the Olympics began, can we now call Phelps the greatest?  

No, I do not have a man crush on him, its just truly amazing to me that he won 8 gold medals and did not falter once during any race.

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