Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eddie Royal Is SICK Nasty

After an amazing first game in the NFL, Eddie Royal the Broncos rookie from Va Tech decided to do step up big again. With the game on the line against the Chargers this week, Royal was solid on the last drive of the game for Denver, hauling in 4 catches that drive alone. Royal was able to hold on to a Jay Cutler bullet pass in the end zone on 4th down to allow the Broncos to go for two points to win the game. It was then Eddie Royal, again who ran the same GO route (Get Open), and caught the two point conversion, winning the game for the Broncos.

Although, I believe that the Broncos should not have even had that opportunity to win the game, because of a blown call that the great referee
Ed Hochuli admitted to. Eddie still showed his maturity and was able to hang tough and win the game in only his second NFL outing. The blown call was the second time in the game that replay failed for San Diego. I would be pissed if I was Norv Turner, this game should have been over with a San Diego fumble recovery, not an Eddie Royal two point conversion. The badass Chargers now fall to 0-2 and play my JETS on Monday Night Football this coming Monday. This game should be a good one. Hopefully LT will be all healed up and ready to play. If not the Chargers will be in big trouble not only on Monday night, but for the rest of the season.

Brandon Marshall caught a Broncos franchise record 18 balls from Cutler on Sunday and was two away from Terrell Owens San Francisco record of 20 catches in a game. Although Marshall was back from his suspension and seemed to be the main target, Royal had a HUGE impact on the game with his speed and ability to run behind screens. He is a great second receiver behind Marshall and gives the 2-0 Broncos a very lethal offense. Since Cutler is emerging as a solid QB with a strong arm, Denver certainly seems like one of the top team to chase out west. And Eddie Royal is the main talk of the town so far in Denver.

Royal is sick and it is about time he gets his praise. His performance this week proves that he can still be the man, even when Marshall is back.

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