Monday, September 15, 2008


After almost a week long hiatus, I am finally back to writing/ blogging again. I have officially started my third week of Law School as a 1L. That is certainly to blame for my lack of updates. I am getting used to the amount of work and the new schedule I am adopting to. It has been some time now (maybe even Freshman year at Roanoke College), when I last had a 9AM class. This semester I have three of them. So getting adjusted to waking up early has been a real treat. I usually do a lot of my genius thinking late at night, but now I am adjusting my schedule so I can go to bed earlier in order to make it to class.

My plan this semester is to attend every class. In undergraduate I missed way to many classes, partly because of soccer road games but they still were unexcused, and lowered my final grade for no reason. That really made me mad, and now I am planning on changing that. I also figured out that it costs me about $500 or more each 3 hour class (including all the fin aid and loans I am taking out for school and for room and board and such). At that price per class, I can not afford to miss one. Another great thing is that I find the information to be extremely interesting and I love the Socratic style of learning, so why would I miss a class? I see it as a stepping stone to something bigger and better in the future.

Anyways, it is good to be back and writing again. I am going to read a little Torts before I go to bed. I have class at night tomorrow and can sleep in a little. Or I will try to sleep, until Mak the Puggle jumps on my head and wakes me up. I will talk more about law school and some sports tomorrow.

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