Saturday, September 6, 2008

Instant Replay Now MLB

Instant replay has been talked about for a while now, but it finally will be instituted in Major League Baseball. It officially was instituted this past Thursday, September 4th, and saw action opening night. The first questionable call came when Alex Rodriguez of the Yankee's banged one off the foul pole. The officials originally called it a home run, only to review it after Tampa Bay appealed.

It took only 3 and a half minutes for the officials to view the play and discuss it, only to affirm their original call of a home-run. So, the instant replay system appears to have done its job this first time.

I believe instant replay on close call such as this one and on other close plays in baseball is a good thing. Although it stalls and wastes some time, it is better to get a big call correct, and not have it affect the overall outcome of the game. The 3 minutes that went were well worth the result of a
home run call being affirmed.

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