Monday, September 1, 2008

Pats Faulk Suspended For Drugs

New England Patriots RB Kevin Faulk was suspended for the opening game of the NFL season against the Kansas City Chiefs. Faulk recently pled no contest to a misdemeanor marijuana charge he received in Louisiana in July. Faulk was ordered a year of probation for his misdemeanor charge.He was issued a summons for possession of marijuana from a Lil' Wayne concert at the Cajundome in February.

This will not matter to the Patriots too much. They have a slew of RB's to replace the former LSU party animal and this being Faulk's first time offense he will not be fined or investigated further. Next time you go see Lil' Wayne party differently Kevin. Maroney will be happy you're out for a game and can give him some more carries.

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