Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ROYAL Treatement For Denver

Denver's rookie wide out Eddie Royal had a HUGE night on Monday Night Football. The ex Hokie wide out was my fantasy sleeper this year, and he showed why in his first game in the NFL. Royal was the star of the game on Monday as he helped the Broncos beat the Oakland Raiders 41-14. Royal had a touchdown and 144 total yards, the most out of any wide receiver in week one. Which also means that Eddie Royal leads the NFL in receiving yards.

The Former Hokie wide receiver signed with Denver for a guaranteed $2.25 million, and a total package coming in at around $3.9 million over four years. Royal had been wearing No.
3 during off season camps, but is now donning No. 19.

Hokie fans like me have been watching Royal dominate for years. He holds the VaTech record for total all purpose yards in a career. I think he could have been a better player in college if Beamer and the Hokies used him correctly. The Broncos ran a lot of quick routes for Royal, they also did plenty of screens and quick plays to take advantage of Royals speed. While he had a good Hokie career, Beamer did not get him the ball enough. His most exciting plays came on the punt and kick off returns, when Eddie would fly by everyone, dazzling the crowd and the other team. At Tech he had too many deep routes, and not enough short routes or screens where he can take advantage of his size and strength. I am glad that the Broncos staff knows how to use him appropriately. That clearly showed in the first game, as Eddie was the go to receiver for Jay Cutler. He also is a great blocker for a rookie wide out, and the best punt returner I've
seen in a while. He is comparable to Pacman.

With Brandon Marshall coming back to the Broncos lineup the next week, I believe the Broncos will be even deadlier on offense. This does not necessarily mean that Eddie will get less touches, especially after his performance Monday night. I believe he will still be used frequently on WR screens and as a deep threat. Teams will cover Marshall because he is more well known, leaving Eddie in single coverage. His speed will easily allow him to beat whoever is guarding him (like former Hokie and NFL All Pro DeAngelo Hall), and his route running abilities will only improve with more time in the league. On top of all of that he is actually a pretty nice guy. Keep it up Eddie, your representing the Hokies great, unlike the Vick's.

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