Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take Off The Red Shirt Tyrod

I started writing this post as I was watching the Hokie game this Saturday...."Maybe red shirting Tyrod Taylor was not such a good idea after all. Virginia Tech lost yesterday to East Carolina. Senior QB Sean Glennon did not have a good game at all, throwing two picks."

Just when I was about to post it early this week, I saw this article on ESPN. The article explains how Beamer is NOT going to red shirt Tyrod anymore. Maybe Frank can read my mind or maybe he isn't as stupid as I thought.

I originally was in favor of the red shirt for Ty. Giving the Hokies something to look forward to in the future. But after watching Glennon vs ECU I had flashbacks of the old Hokie days with QB's like Maurice Deshazo, Jim Druckenmiller, and Grant Noel.  The Hokies need someone who can make plays when the young receivers get lazy and can't get open.  Tyrod can make stuff happen and has that running presence that will make defenses on endge.  This will help the Hokies tremendously.  Glennon will still get some snaps but I believe the two quarterback system will be back at Tech.

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