Thursday, September 4, 2008

USC Trojan Wars

The Trojans are now number One in the nation, after this Saturday's games. The #2 USC Trojans as of last week, travelled to Charlottesville and annihilated a mediocre UVA team to move up past Georgia in the rankings. The Bulldogs won 45-21 against Georgia Southern and somehow moved down to the number two spot in the land.

USC looked great in their win. A once, injured Mark Sanchez had a great game, and USC's endless backfield looked dangerous as ever. McKnight, was unreal but with the other great players in the backfield, he seemed to barely touch the ball.

Despite all that I still can not believe that UGA moved down to #2 in the rankings.  They did not lose.  They won by 24 points and STILL moved downward in the rankings.  I can understand the point that UGA played a team that was not good at all, but the people who rank teams know the schedule plenty of time in advance.  They knew they were going to play a lesser quality opponent so why penalize them after the first game, after a win?  The rankings at this point are pointless so no worries, but it still was ridiculous to see UGA move down after a win, after ALL the hype about the bulldogs in the preseason.

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