Friday, October 31, 2008

My Experience In The City of Angels (LA)

Besides meeting the brilliant Mark Cuban while in L.A., I also attended many meetings and discussions on Entertainment and Sports Law.  The ABA's forum was well worth the money and the experience was great.  There were plenty of topics to choose from with knowledgable well thought out discussions on each topic.  The moderators and panelists were all top of their respected fields and had great insight.  A lot of the topics and areas I did not even think much about prior the meetings.  Like the discussion on sports marketing that talked about endorsements and sponsorhips for food and box seats at sports arenas.  

Apparantly, the press boxes and box seats are where the most money is made.  When building a new stadium it is crucial to sell those seats to sponsors and others for top dollar in order to get the stadium built and continuously earning profit.  A talk about exclusive sponsorship rights and those type of contracts was also very interested during the same panle.  Companies like Coke and Pepsi sponsor a lot of things, including the Beijing olmpics.  Hearing about the situations regarding those exclusive rights and violations were something I hadn't thought about....

And now I must get back to this Torts reading so I can catch up from this lovely trip to LA.  I will talk more about this trip later I'm sure of it.

to be continued.....

Ringer Up

Michigan State running back, Javon Ringer rushed for 198 total yards in the Spartans win against Indiana. He was only two yards shy of earning his third straight 200 yard game.  Last week, the Spartans beat arch rival Michigan at the Big House 35-21.  Ringer had two touchdowns and rushed for 197 yards on 37 carries.  The Sparty’s are now 7-2 and are tied with several teams (4-1) sitting on top of the Big Ten Conference, and the 5”9, Senior, running back is a HUGE reason why.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WOW Isiah!! Git Outta Here

Last week, Police were called to the Westchester, NY house of Isiah Thomas, in response to a 911 call of someone unconscious at the residence.  Police arrived at the scene and gave CPR to the victim until the ambulance arrived.  Police found a bottle of the sleeping pill, Lunesta, at the house and believe the OD was from that  prescription  drug.  The official police report has not yet been released and no names are being released as to who the victim "officially" is.  I have heard it was a 47 year old victim (Isiah's exact age), but Thomas has denied the reports.
Instead, the heartless Thomas has claimed that it was his 17 year old daughter and not his 47 year old body laying there.  I think this is totally despicable.  How could you blame your daughter and not take responsibility for yourself.  If the stories and rumors are totally false, then say so and call it a family matter.  Don't go and blame your daughter to get the negative attention off of yourself.  

After Isiah's sex scandals and recent head coaching experience for the Knicks, I would expect this from Isiah.  He was a great player, but not a great coach, and after reading this report, he must not be a good father. I hope that I am wrong about that but Thomas has not shown me anything to be remotely impressed with as of lately.

Clipps Davis, Chooses Li Ning Leaves Reebok

Another athlete is choosing to head overseas instead of staying local in North America, yet this time it is his shoe deal that he is taking overseas. The Los Angeles Clippers summer acquisition, Baron Davis, has decided to leave his previous sponsorship deal with Reebokand represent the Chinese brand Li Ning.

Davis is not the only NBA star who will don Li Ning; Shaquille O' Neal is also on the client roster.  Dallas Maverick, PG Jason Kidd also singed with Peak, another Chinese apparel label, shortly after winning Gold this summer.

Li Ning is a Chinese based shoe company, named after the famous Chinese Gymnast...Li Ning.  The Spainish olympic team wore Li Ning jerseys this summer in Bejing.  The name Li Ning is huge in China and has grown tremendously worldwide.  With the acquisition of more and more talented American athletes, Li Ning is getting more recognition and expanding further into the international market.  Nike still looms large in the industry; however, newcomers like Under Armour and Li Ning are definitely making their mark.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zebras Blowing Calls

I recently read an article on ESPN where the MLB world series referee's admitted that they missed yet another call, making that two in only five world series games.  After this and the whole MLB replay issue earlier this season, along with Ed Hochuli's blown calls in the NFL, and even the previous Tim Donaghy scandal in the NBA, I began to question what has happened to the officials lately?  Is it the fact that many mistakes are being made, or do we have such advanced technology now that every mistake is magnified and can be viewed by a large audience?  Are officials judged too strict now or are all of these great referee's making mistakes during the same year?  

Many leagues have now fallen to instant replay and booth reviews, allowing officials a second chance to look at their calls.  This has given many referee's and coaches the opportunity to get the correct call after maybe blowing the original call.  In the end, officials are human too, they all make mistakes just like everyone else.  It is just that their mistakes are broadcasted on a national level where many people are watching closely, and a lot of money is relying on their decisions (legally and illegally).  

Va Tech Hokies Stepping Up In the NFL

I couldn't help but notice all of the Virginia Tech defensive backs and others who were stepping up making big plays this NFL season.  Besides the miraculous performance by rookie Eddie Royal on opening day for the Denver Broncos, many other former Hokie names have been popping up in a positive way.  

It was just last week when former Hokie and current Packers CB Aaron Rouse picked off Peyton Manning and ran it back for a TD.  This past week, rookie, Brandon Flowers for Kansas City picked off two Brett Favre passes, running one back for a crucial Touchdown in KC's close loss to the Jets.  The Browns, Nick Sorenson the ex Hokie QB and eventual Safety made a HUGE play, stopping the Jag's Matt Jones from making the game winning TD very late in the game.  DeAngelo Hall (Oak) and Darryl Tapp (Seattle) are other notable Hokies who are still making impacts on their respective teams.  Xavier Adibi has made several appearences for the Houston Texas as well. Cincinnati's Pro Bowl kicker, and Pulaski County Va native, Shane Graham was back this past week for the winless Bengals, after suffering a groin injury on his first kick this season.  Go Hokies!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Knicks Cut EWING Jr.

The son of Knicks all-time leader in scoring, rebounding, blocked shots and steals, Patrick Ewing, was cut on Sunday by the NY Knicks, in order to fill the final 15 man roster for the start of the season tomorrow. I thought Ewing Jr. could be an asset to the Knicks off the bench, but apparently not. He was great off the bench at G-town and seemed to be following in his fathers footsteps. Although Jr is a little shorter than his father, he definitely has potential to be on an NBA roster.

My question is how is Stephon Marbury still on the roster? I thought he was going to be cut or traded before the season started. I think he has a lot of talent still left in his old legs, but Marbury causes too much trouble in NY and needs to be silenced somehow. Chris Duhon this summer's big pickup will be the new PG and send Jamall Crawford to shooting guard. This will help speed up the Knicks offense and should compliment D'Antoni's scheme. If it came down to Ewing Jr. or Marbury, I believe Donnie Walsh and D'Antoni made the correct decision this year, but don't forget about Patrick Ewing Jr. He can be a James Posey like player for some team in the future.

Mark Cuban

This past weekend I attended the ABA's Forum on Entertainment and Sports Industries in Los Angeles, California. At this event I had the opportunity to hear Mark Cuban speak and talk to him in person afterwards.

I was amazed how friendly and sincere Mr. Cuban was. I did not expect a billionaire to be so straight-forward and respectful to everyone.

Cuban really does care about all of his investments passionately. He even showed this passion in a brief 20 minute interview discussing his many jobs. Overall, I believe Mark Cuban is not only a great businessman, but a great human being.

He has constantly gone against the grain with his innovations and ideas and that is what makes him so special (and what makes him so much $$$$). It was great to hear Marks ideas about the future and see how he interacts with everyone, from GM's to lawyers and excited fans. Although Mark Cuban is a billionaire who is shaking the American landscape with everything he does, he is still human and can take the time to talk to an average Joe like myself.

My first question to Mark, was regarding the possible acquisition of the Chicago Cubs organization. I wrote an article several months ago on the potential that the Cubs would be selling and looking for a new owner. Mark cleared up those allegations as he said that the deal fell through. Cuban was clearly the best candidate on the list of possible new owners, but for some reason Chicago has chosen to go elsewhere. To me, this seems like a dumb move. Not only is Cuban a passionate and intelligent owner, who can turn any teams luck around (even the Cub's), but everything this man touches turns to gold. Why would Chicago no want to make a deal with him? This could be another wrong decision for the Cubs in a long line of mistakes over the past 100 years. If the Cubbies turn it around it will not be with Cuban as the owner. To me, this is a mistake for the Cubs and will only be detrimental to their future.

Although, it would have been a great business acquisition for Cuban, it sounded like he was already over the missed opportunity and on to bigger and better ones. I thoroughly enjoyed my time listening and talking to Mark Cuban. He really is a smart individual who seems to be on top of everything before it becomes big. Mr. Cuban is a down to earth billionaire who the swagger and stigma to stay at the top. The NBA kicks off tonight, and I am expecting BIG things from Cubans Mav's this season.

Beckham Busted

ooo weebusted Becks

It happens to the best of us...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is Beckham Leaving America Already?

If you saw the bottom line Wednesday on Sportscenter you might have noticed that David Beckham and his agent are currently in discussion with A.C. Milan, in an attempt to loan Beckham to the Italian club.  Some of you might be saying, "Didn't Beckham just arrive in America? Why is he headed back overseas?" 

Don't worry, Beckham is only leaving North America to play soccer for several months.  He has every intention of coming back to LA next season.  The Major League Soccer (MLS) season is almost over and Beckham would only be on loan from January until the conclusion of the Italian league. The soccer season is much longer and constant overseas compared to the MLS.  Players only get a month or two off at most when they play in leagues like the EPL or Serie A in Italy.  The MLS is relatively shorter.  The fact that he will now get two salaries amongst his many endorsement deals does not hurt either.  As if Becks and Posh Spice need the added income. 

  Beckham has decided to keep up his skills and continue playing overseas to stay in top shape.  This decision was influenced by his desire to continue playing Internationally for England in the next world cup.  Although Beckham lost his long tenured captaincy from the national team last season, he still has and wants to continue playing International soccer.  

Beckham came to the Los Angeles Galaxy two seasons ago to help jump start soccer in America.  Although he was injured and did not play as much as he would have liked to his inaugural season, Beckham had a great second season showing off his accuracy with dazzling free kicks and goals from midfield.  Many of which ended up on Sportscenter the following morning. 

   Despite Beckham and others efforts soccer still is yet to break through as one of the top sports in the US.  However, Beckham has certainly increased interest in watching and participating domestically in the sport.  Having Beckham playing in Italy or wherever he may decide, can only be beneficial for the future of American soccer.  Having David's name associated with American "futbol" while playing overseas could be added attention and press for the MLS.  Having Beckham participate in two leagues simultaneously could also persuade other great international players to do the same, bringing more talent to the MLS, thus making American soccer and the MLS more competitive with other countries and leagues Internationally.

Soccer has the potential to be the next big sport in America.  Soccer is world renown and has only increase in popularity as America has become more diverse and multicultural.  Maybe it is time to become a soccer agent.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Forum on Entertainment and Sports Industries in LA

What: Forum for Entertainment and Sports Industries annual meeting (brought to you by the American Bar Association)

Where: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

When: Friday, October 17th, meetings 8AM-6PM, and Saturday, October 18th, 9AM-12PM

Some Meeting Topics Include:

  • Merchandising and Licensing
  • Artists and Athletes Investment Management
  • Agent, Managers and Representatives
  • Sports Industry Transactions, Sponsorships and Media, and Sports Facility Transactions
  • Sound and Recording Rights
  • Entertainment litigation and Hot Issues
  • Negotiating the Sports CBA and What Really Matters to Owners and Players

Panelists and Speakers include Mark Cuban (Keynote Speaker), Jeffrey B. Gewirtz (Senior VP & General Counsel, NJ Nets), Johnnie A James, Debbie Spander (VP of MTV Entertainment Legal Affairs), Seth J. Steinberg, Maidie Oliveau, and Lon Sobel.

Cost: $425 regular attendance, $325 with ABA member discount.  It is not too late to still attend.   Here is the brochure which includes meeting topics, speakers and all other details.

Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action Day 2008, an attempt to end Poverty. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of poverty in our country through the medium of blogs and internet press. Many websites including sports websites have been keeping up with this and are giving press to this issue. Poverty obviously is not only avid in the USA, but all over the world. has some good coverage of Blog Day 2008. Darren describes the life of Glenn Toby, and how he went from poverty and rags to riches. Below is the story from

"We can follow the lead of Glenn Toby. Glenn, himself, had to deal with poverty as a child. He went from not knowing if he would have a comfortable place to sleep at night to becoming a sports and entertainment executive worth many millions. He has represented LL Cool J, 50 Cent, and Asante Samuel among many other big name clients. Still, with all of his success, he gives back to those who need money a lot more than he does. Toby is doing his part to ensure that young disadvantaged children have more opportunities than he did growing up.

Glenn Toby has gone from homeless to hero. With all of his great achievements, he takes the most pride in the creation of the Book Bank Foundation. It was formed in 1997 with the goal of boosting literacy among the nation’s youth. Its mission is to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live by providing homeless children and their families resources for combating illiteracy. The emphasis is placed on helping inner-city children who are often poverty stricken.

Dr. Cornel West, a popular professor at Princeton University, has noted, “Poverty is what has created & shaped Glenn Toby.” Dr. West’s words are very inspiring, but trumped by this quote by Mr. Toby: “Homeless does not mean helpless.” Do your part and either help Mr. Toby advance his Book Bank Foundation, find another worthy cause that raises awareness and helps out those who are poverty stricken, or start your own initiative. Blog Action Day is all about doing something. Even if it means donating a piece of memorabilia from one of your clients so that the money made from its sale goes to help out those who need the money, you would be doing a part in helping out our world."

For information on the Book Bank Foundation:

The Book Bank Foundation Inc.

Phone: (718) 989-2168

Fax: (718) 989-2168


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No More Midterms

It is officially the end of my Sixth week in law school.  Midterm exams are over and I am almost half way through the first semester.  This is the only term that we have midterms in, so I have been extremely busy studying for them hoping to make my first and only time taking a midterm a successful one.  After taking them all, I believe I did well and that I have nothing to worry about.

The exams only count toward 10% of our overall grade, so either way the score does not determine my final grade by much.  Many of the professors want to take away the midterm exams, but the school has been insistant on keeping them a regular occurance for first term students.  I have been keeping up with all my readings and my outlines each week and thought the exams were rather easy, I can only hope that my grade actually shows that as well.

The midterms were all multiple choice questions, and we had roughly two minutes per question.  The point of these midterms "aparantly" is to check our progress so far, and to scare us into doing more work and get us prepared for finals.  This along with my Introduction to Law Class are almost a waste of time.  If you are attending law school and paying the money, why do we need a midterm that counts for almost nothing to check the students progress and make sure that they are doing the readings?  Mostly all other law schools I have heard of do not have midterm exams.  A class called Intro to Law also seems like a waste of time to me.  It is meant to give students practice with exams and writing and to teach students about the classes they are currently taking, but I find that is falls behind quickly and is more to scare unknown students, rather than to help them.  If I were to spend the time I do working for that class, on outlining and studying for other classes I would be much better off.  And this Intro class is only pass/fail and only lasts for ten weeks or so.

Overall I am having a great time at Law School.  Michigan is not my favorite state, but East Lansing is fun and I love school so far.  I am heading to my favorite area, Los Angeles, CA this Thursday for a convention on Entertainment and Sports Law.  I love LA and I can't wait to hear the speakers and meet some of the tremendous individuals at the conference in Cali.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Zach Brett Mangini

NY Jets head coach, Eric the "mangenious" Mangini's wife, Julie gave birth this past Friday morning, to the couple's third child.  The couple decided to name the baby boy Zach Brett Mangini, what a great Italian name for the boy.  Apparantly the middle name Brett was in honor of Brett Favre, the Jets savior QB who is three years older than the Jets head ball coach Mangini.  As if the whole Brett Favre in a New York Jets jersey isnt oddenough, it was Brett Favre's 39th Birthday on the exact same day that the Mangini's child was born.

This is not the first time that Mangini has named his child after former players.  Mangini's two other sons have middle names in honor of people who had an impact onthe coach's career. Jake Harrison Mangini the couples first child, is named after Patriots safety Rodney Harrison, who developed a bond with Mangini when he was learning from Belichick early his career. Their second son, Luke William, is named after Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who mentored Mangini he left for the Jets.

Could this have been an influence in Brett Favre deciding to come to New York?  Millions of dollars, a cabin in the  New York woods to go hunting at, a huge NY market, and the middle name of Coach Mangini's son.

Overall I like the name.  I think that the name is a good choice for the Mangini family.  Zach is a powerful and great name that I have enjoyed so far.  The middle name is a good one as well, being that it comes from one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Favre Philosophy

Even tho it is spiteful towards Brett, I'll take it.......we need some more 6 TD games Brett!

TouchDown Time!!!!!

After an exciting Monday Night Football game between the Vikings and Saints last night, where Reggie Bush took two punt returns back, we saw the art of the TD celebration come back, but it wasn't Bush. After returning a blocked field goal for a TD, Antoine Winfield the Vikings star CB, imitated Adam Jones (Pacman) when he jumped onto the bottom of the field goal pole and slid down, exactly like Pacman did two years ago but he was penalized 15 yards for it. How come the Vikings did not receive a 15 yard penalty like the Titans did years ago for the same celebration?

The art of the Touch Down celebration is one of my favorite parts of the game, but has the NFL gone too far by fining and banning some TD celebrations and not others? After Pacman was penalized for his celebration, the NFL said it was because he slid down the entire pole and hit the ground, did Winfield not hit the ground, or was I not seeing correctly? Was it the fact that Pacman has/ had a bigger, better, well known name and status compared to Winfield? Whatever it was I believe the NFL should have no penalties unless the celebration is EXTREMELY rediculous or take up a lot of extra time on the field. Why can't we have team celebrations like in Any Given Sunday? Those make the game more interesting and give the crowd and fans something to look forward to.

Here is a youtube video I found of some of my favorite TD celebrations. Chad Johnson's riverdance is an altime great, along with Deion Sanders classic dances. TO has got to be the leader in TD dancing, including his mocking of Ray Lewis, and his infamous disrespecting of the Dallas Star at midfield. My all time favorite might still be Desean Jackson losing the ball right before he flips into the endzone in the college all star game, much like he did this year on Monday Night for the Eagles, hahahha.

youtube TD Celebration Clips

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New NFL Logo

Those of you who have a keen eye or pay attention to detail might have noticed the new NFL logo.  Although it is similiar to the previous one, there are some noticable differences.  The old logo remained the same for 28 years.

The new one has less stars, it went from 25, to 8.  8 representing the number of divisions in the NFL currently. The football is also a little different, along with the color tones of navy blue in the logo.  The font looks slightly different as well, more modern and less cursive.  Last is the tone and thickness of the lines in the logo.  Check it out for yourself above.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kim Kardashian

need I say more....