Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is Beckham Leaving America Already?

If you saw the bottom line Wednesday on Sportscenter you might have noticed that David Beckham and his agent are currently in discussion with A.C. Milan, in an attempt to loan Beckham to the Italian club.  Some of you might be saying, "Didn't Beckham just arrive in America? Why is he headed back overseas?" 

Don't worry, Beckham is only leaving North America to play soccer for several months.  He has every intention of coming back to LA next season.  The Major League Soccer (MLS) season is almost over and Beckham would only be on loan from January until the conclusion of the Italian league. The soccer season is much longer and constant overseas compared to the MLS.  Players only get a month or two off at most when they play in leagues like the EPL or Serie A in Italy.  The MLS is relatively shorter.  The fact that he will now get two salaries amongst his many endorsement deals does not hurt either.  As if Becks and Posh Spice need the added income. 

  Beckham has decided to keep up his skills and continue playing overseas to stay in top shape.  This decision was influenced by his desire to continue playing Internationally for England in the next world cup.  Although Beckham lost his long tenured captaincy from the national team last season, he still has and wants to continue playing International soccer.  

Beckham came to the Los Angeles Galaxy two seasons ago to help jump start soccer in America.  Although he was injured and did not play as much as he would have liked to his inaugural season, Beckham had a great second season showing off his accuracy with dazzling free kicks and goals from midfield.  Many of which ended up on Sportscenter the following morning. 

   Despite Beckham and others efforts soccer still is yet to break through as one of the top sports in the US.  However, Beckham has certainly increased interest in watching and participating domestically in the sport.  Having Beckham playing in Italy or wherever he may decide, can only be beneficial for the future of American soccer.  Having David's name associated with American "futbol" while playing overseas could be added attention and press for the MLS.  Having Beckham participate in two leagues simultaneously could also persuade other great international players to do the same, bringing more talent to the MLS, thus making American soccer and the MLS more competitive with other countries and leagues Internationally.

Soccer has the potential to be the next big sport in America.  Soccer is world renown and has only increase in popularity as America has become more diverse and multicultural.  Maybe it is time to become a soccer agent.

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