Monday, October 27, 2008

Knicks Cut EWING Jr.

The son of Knicks all-time leader in scoring, rebounding, blocked shots and steals, Patrick Ewing, was cut on Sunday by the NY Knicks, in order to fill the final 15 man roster for the start of the season tomorrow. I thought Ewing Jr. could be an asset to the Knicks off the bench, but apparently not. He was great off the bench at G-town and seemed to be following in his fathers footsteps. Although Jr is a little shorter than his father, he definitely has potential to be on an NBA roster.

My question is how is Stephon Marbury still on the roster? I thought he was going to be cut or traded before the season started. I think he has a lot of talent still left in his old legs, but Marbury causes too much trouble in NY and needs to be silenced somehow. Chris Duhon this summer's big pickup will be the new PG and send Jamall Crawford to shooting guard. This will help speed up the Knicks offense and should compliment D'Antoni's scheme. If it came down to Ewing Jr. or Marbury, I believe Donnie Walsh and D'Antoni made the correct decision this year, but don't forget about Patrick Ewing Jr. He can be a James Posey like player for some team in the future.

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