Monday, October 27, 2008

Mark Cuban

This past weekend I attended the ABA's Forum on Entertainment and Sports Industries in Los Angeles, California. At this event I had the opportunity to hear Mark Cuban speak and talk to him in person afterwards.

I was amazed how friendly and sincere Mr. Cuban was. I did not expect a billionaire to be so straight-forward and respectful to everyone.

Cuban really does care about all of his investments passionately. He even showed this passion in a brief 20 minute interview discussing his many jobs. Overall, I believe Mark Cuban is not only a great businessman, but a great human being.

He has constantly gone against the grain with his innovations and ideas and that is what makes him so special (and what makes him so much $$$$). It was great to hear Marks ideas about the future and see how he interacts with everyone, from GM's to lawyers and excited fans. Although Mark Cuban is a billionaire who is shaking the American landscape with everything he does, he is still human and can take the time to talk to an average Joe like myself.

My first question to Mark, was regarding the possible acquisition of the Chicago Cubs organization. I wrote an article several months ago on the potential that the Cubs would be selling and looking for a new owner. Mark cleared up those allegations as he said that the deal fell through. Cuban was clearly the best candidate on the list of possible new owners, but for some reason Chicago has chosen to go elsewhere. To me, this seems like a dumb move. Not only is Cuban a passionate and intelligent owner, who can turn any teams luck around (even the Cub's), but everything this man touches turns to gold. Why would Chicago no want to make a deal with him? This could be another wrong decision for the Cubs in a long line of mistakes over the past 100 years. If the Cubbies turn it around it will not be with Cuban as the owner. To me, this is a mistake for the Cubs and will only be detrimental to their future.

Although, it would have been a great business acquisition for Cuban, it sounded like he was already over the missed opportunity and on to bigger and better ones. I thoroughly enjoyed my time listening and talking to Mark Cuban. He really is a smart individual who seems to be on top of everything before it becomes big. Mr. Cuban is a down to earth billionaire who the swagger and stigma to stay at the top. The NBA kicks off tonight, and I am expecting BIG things from Cubans Mav's this season.

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