Friday, October 31, 2008

My Experience In The City of Angels (LA)

Besides meeting the brilliant Mark Cuban while in L.A., I also attended many meetings and discussions on Entertainment and Sports Law.  The ABA's forum was well worth the money and the experience was great.  There were plenty of topics to choose from with knowledgable well thought out discussions on each topic.  The moderators and panelists were all top of their respected fields and had great insight.  A lot of the topics and areas I did not even think much about prior the meetings.  Like the discussion on sports marketing that talked about endorsements and sponsorhips for food and box seats at sports arenas.  

Apparantly, the press boxes and box seats are where the most money is made.  When building a new stadium it is crucial to sell those seats to sponsors and others for top dollar in order to get the stadium built and continuously earning profit.  A talk about exclusive sponsorship rights and those type of contracts was also very interested during the same panle.  Companies like Coke and Pepsi sponsor a lot of things, including the Beijing olmpics.  Hearing about the situations regarding those exclusive rights and violations were something I hadn't thought about....

And now I must get back to this Torts reading so I can catch up from this lovely trip to LA.  I will talk more about this trip later I'm sure of it.

to be continued.....

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