Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No More Midterms

It is officially the end of my Sixth week in law school.  Midterm exams are over and I am almost half way through the first semester.  This is the only term that we have midterms in, so I have been extremely busy studying for them hoping to make my first and only time taking a midterm a successful one.  After taking them all, I believe I did well and that I have nothing to worry about.

The exams only count toward 10% of our overall grade, so either way the score does not determine my final grade by much.  Many of the professors want to take away the midterm exams, but the school has been insistant on keeping them a regular occurance for first term students.  I have been keeping up with all my readings and my outlines each week and thought the exams were rather easy, I can only hope that my grade actually shows that as well.

The midterms were all multiple choice questions, and we had roughly two minutes per question.  The point of these midterms "aparantly" is to check our progress so far, and to scare us into doing more work and get us prepared for finals.  This along with my Introduction to Law Class are almost a waste of time.  If you are attending law school and paying the money, why do we need a midterm that counts for almost nothing to check the students progress and make sure that they are doing the readings?  Mostly all other law schools I have heard of do not have midterm exams.  A class called Intro to Law also seems like a waste of time to me.  It is meant to give students practice with exams and writing and to teach students about the classes they are currently taking, but I find that is falls behind quickly and is more to scare unknown students, rather than to help them.  If I were to spend the time I do working for that class, on outlining and studying for other classes I would be much better off.  And this Intro class is only pass/fail and only lasts for ten weeks or so.

Overall I am having a great time at Law School.  Michigan is not my favorite state, but East Lansing is fun and I love school so far.  I am heading to my favorite area, Los Angeles, CA this Thursday for a convention on Entertainment and Sports Law.  I love LA and I can't wait to hear the speakers and meet some of the tremendous individuals at the conference in Cali.

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