Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TouchDown Time!!!!!

After an exciting Monday Night Football game between the Vikings and Saints last night, where Reggie Bush took two punt returns back, we saw the art of the TD celebration come back, but it wasn't Bush. After returning a blocked field goal for a TD, Antoine Winfield the Vikings star CB, imitated Adam Jones (Pacman) when he jumped onto the bottom of the field goal pole and slid down, exactly like Pacman did two years ago but he was penalized 15 yards for it. How come the Vikings did not receive a 15 yard penalty like the Titans did years ago for the same celebration?

The art of the Touch Down celebration is one of my favorite parts of the game, but has the NFL gone too far by fining and banning some TD celebrations and not others? After Pacman was penalized for his celebration, the NFL said it was because he slid down the entire pole and hit the ground, did Winfield not hit the ground, or was I not seeing correctly? Was it the fact that Pacman has/ had a bigger, better, well known name and status compared to Winfield? Whatever it was I believe the NFL should have no penalties unless the celebration is EXTREMELY rediculous or take up a lot of extra time on the field. Why can't we have team celebrations like in Any Given Sunday? Those make the game more interesting and give the crowd and fans something to look forward to.

Here is a youtube video I found of some of my favorite TD celebrations. Chad Johnson's riverdance is an altime great, along with Deion Sanders classic dances. TO has got to be the leader in TD dancing, including his mocking of Ray Lewis, and his infamous disrespecting of the Dallas Star at midfield. My all time favorite might still be Desean Jackson losing the ball right before he flips into the endzone in the college all star game, much like he did this year on Monday Night for the Eagles, hahahha.

youtube TD Celebration Clips

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