Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WOW Isiah!! Git Outta Here

Last week, Police were called to the Westchester, NY house of Isiah Thomas, in response to a 911 call of someone unconscious at the residence.  Police arrived at the scene and gave CPR to the victim until the ambulance arrived.  Police found a bottle of the sleeping pill, Lunesta, at the house and believe the OD was from that  prescription  drug.  The official police report has not yet been released and no names are being released as to who the victim "officially" is.  I have heard it was a 47 year old victim (Isiah's exact age), but Thomas has denied the reports.
Instead, the heartless Thomas has claimed that it was his 17 year old daughter and not his 47 year old body laying there.  I think this is totally despicable.  How could you blame your daughter and not take responsibility for yourself.  If the stories and rumors are totally false, then say so and call it a family matter.  Don't go and blame your daughter to get the negative attention off of yourself.  

After Isiah's sex scandals and recent head coaching experience for the Knicks, I would expect this from Isiah.  He was a great player, but not a great coach, and after reading this report, he must not be a good father. I hope that I am wrong about that but Thomas has not shown me anything to be remotely impressed with as of lately.

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