Monday, October 13, 2008

Zach Brett Mangini

NY Jets head coach, Eric the "mangenious" Mangini's wife, Julie gave birth this past Friday morning, to the couple's third child.  The couple decided to name the baby boy Zach Brett Mangini, what a great Italian name for the boy.  Apparantly the middle name Brett was in honor of Brett Favre, the Jets savior QB who is three years older than the Jets head ball coach Mangini.  As if the whole Brett Favre in a New York Jets jersey isnt oddenough, it was Brett Favre's 39th Birthday on the exact same day that the Mangini's child was born.

This is not the first time that Mangini has named his child after former players.  Mangini's two other sons have middle names in honor of people who had an impact onthe coach's career. Jake Harrison Mangini the couples first child, is named after Patriots safety Rodney Harrison, who developed a bond with Mangini when he was learning from Belichick early his career. Their second son, Luke William, is named after Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who mentored Mangini he left for the Jets.

Could this have been an influence in Brett Favre deciding to come to New York?  Millions of dollars, a cabin in the  New York woods to go hunting at, a huge NY market, and the middle name of Coach Mangini's son.

Overall I like the name.  I think that the name is a good choice for the Mangini family.  Zach is a powerful and great name that I have enjoyed so far.  The middle name is a good one as well, being that it comes from one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL.  

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