Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zebras Blowing Calls

I recently read an article on ESPN where the MLB world series referee's admitted that they missed yet another call, making that two in only five world series games.  After this and the whole MLB replay issue earlier this season, along with Ed Hochuli's blown calls in the NFL, and even the previous Tim Donaghy scandal in the NBA, I began to question what has happened to the officials lately?  Is it the fact that many mistakes are being made, or do we have such advanced technology now that every mistake is magnified and can be viewed by a large audience?  Are officials judged too strict now or are all of these great referee's making mistakes during the same year?  

Many leagues have now fallen to instant replay and booth reviews, allowing officials a second chance to look at their calls.  This has given many referee's and coaches the opportunity to get the correct call after maybe blowing the original call.  In the end, officials are human too, they all make mistakes just like everyone else.  It is just that their mistakes are broadcasted on a national level where many people are watching closely, and a lot of money is relying on their decisions (legally and illegally).  

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