Thursday, November 13, 2008

Follow Me To America

Swedish sensation, Freddie Ljungberg is now in Seattle representing the recently formed Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer.  Ljungberg was a former Arsenal Gunner for many years, playing in the EPL.  He also helped Sweden in many international matches.  The left footed winger can play midfield or up top and will be very touch to guard in MLS play.  

Many internationals are now leaking into the MLS to play professionally.  Following the act of Beckham, big names like Freddi are now giving the MLS consideration.  Is this a good thing for the MLS or will players soon leave and go back overseas, sending negative signs to the rest of the world about American soccer?  

Beckham and Ljungberg are not young stars like Ronaldo and Rooney and Messi, but their fabled names have caused many to take a second, or first, look at the MLS as a possible option.  Although, they might be looked at as over the hill by many in the soccer world, Beckham, Ljungberg, Blanco and others have all improved the MLS and its reputation.


GS-1 said...

It's NOT Larsen. Seattle signed Freddie Ljungberg!

Zak Kurtz said...

you are correct, I was thinking and describing Freddie but I wrote Larsen..Thank you for the correction