Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MLB Free Agency Looms Large

Sixty-five players including many talented ones like, K-Rod, Mark Texiera, Bobby Abrea, CC, and Kevin Youkilis are all free agents now. Matt Holliday has recently signed with the Oakland Athletics. Teams hold exclusive negotiating rights with their own free agents until Nov.14, when all 30 clubs can begin discussing dollars with the agents and players. That date is now rapidly approaching this Friday.

As I stated in my previous post, President Elect Obama's tax increase is scheduled to take place this January, which will significantly increase the taxes for MLB free agent players signing. Many agents have already touched on this issue and have met with agents regarding potential players and quick signings.

The real question is if any of the big names will sign quicker with smaller teams because of this? Or will the money larger teams can offer have an overbearing effect and make the tax issue moot? Only time will tell and that time is coming shortly.

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