Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uruguay Championships Cancelled After RIOT

The Uruguay Championship tournament has been officially canceled on Monday, after a HUGE on the field riot between fans. The riot occurred after the top two teams in the league faced off, the visiting team won 1-0 and the fans came onto the field with metal and wooden fence posts ready to fight.

The conduct was so appalling that the league officials decided to cancel the rest of the championships for the season. Fighting and riots are common for soccer nations but not always on the field directly after the game. Leagues have taken action but not usually a full cancellation of the league championships. These measures are extreme but perhaps it will influence fans enough to finally deter these types of reactions.

I understand the passion these fans have for their teams but they have to do other alternatives when the team loses. Maybe Americans do not care about sports as much as other countries but the government and police need to regulate and enforce this bad behavior more and patrol more after games. I think the harsh action here is a good start to show fans no to riot and destroy property or cause death or serious bodily injury after games.

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