Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Know KG And T-Mac Voted

"I’m Obama all day, every day,” McGrady said. “I endorse him. I actually met him this summer, me and my wife. When he was down here, he wanted to meet and I went to his hotel to meet him. A very nice gentleman. I believe in what he believes in.”

Those are the words of Tracy McGrady,the  Houston Rocket's star, who will be honoring his candidate and sending a message to everyone out there on Tuesday.  T Mac along with Kevin Garnett will be wearing red, white and blue shoes with stars and stripes, and a  special insignia on them.  The shoe reads "Change Is Needed, Vote 08" and is certainly a reference to Obama's slogan "Change We Need."

McGrady and the Boston star KG are sponsored by adidas shoes.  They said this decision was to “emphasize the importance of this historic election,” according to an adidas statement

According to adidas, “The words were chosen by both KG & Tracy and reflect their political views. "This is not about partisanship. Rather, this is vehicle to encourage people to get out and vote.”

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