Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rulon" The Beast" Davis

Emerald Bowl tonight, California vs Miami.  Should be a good game, but I believe that Cal will take it home.  Rulon
The BEAST Davis is back in full strength for the bears and should put a lot of pressure on Miami's young offense.  

Miami has some players suspended for academic and other violations as usual for the bowl game.  Either way I am excited to watch Rulon and the Golden Bears of Berkeley dominate. 

All 4 One, Or 10 For All In The AFC East

The match-up is gettin closer....Pennington v Favre in New Jersy (Jets home field) for the AFC championship and/ or a potential wild card playofff spot for the Jets.  The season for both teams ultimately lies on this one game.  The JETS won the first game of the year between the two teams 20-14 in Miami.  It was Brett Favre's first game in a NYJ uniform and his first win.  Pennington and the Dolphins started out 0-2 after that loss to the Jets but have gone into a Wild Dolphin offense and have drastically changed and won since the first match up.  The game is at 4:15 and looks to be a good one.  

If the Jets don't win and Brett Favre retires after this season (which I think is likely going to happen), then I do not know what to say as a Jets fan.  If we still can not make the playoffs with a great team AND Brett Favre, then I literally am speechless. Even Pennington got us to the playoffs two years ago at 10-6. I would at least expect the same out of hall of famer Favre.  I even bought an authentic Favre jersey, that will be tarnished if the Jet's can not at least make the playoffs.  I have confidence in the team this weekend however, and without jinxing anything all I am going to say is that I will be going crazy in green, wearing #4 hoping for a W.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Voice of America

Here is a picture of Jon Favreau, the voice of Obama (Obama's young speech writer).  In this photo him and some college buddies are having a good time, with the constructive presence of Hilary Clinton.  Hahahhaha, and this is the future voice of America. I'm looking forward to the next four, or more years...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

$10,000 Snow Angel

The Pat's Wes Welker was fined $10,000 for doing a snow angel after he scored a touchdown this past Sunday in the Patriots romping over Arizona. That is 10k that Wes could have used this Christmas under the tree.

The NFL imposed the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, specifically for participating in an illegal demonstration by going to the ground after his touchdown, said league spokesman Corry Rush.

Compared to all the other things NFL players get fined for doing I do not think this deserves such a hefty fine.  But hey, Welker did violate the rules, so he should get punished.  He got a 15 yard penalty for it during the game, however, he received this fine by the league on Wednesday.  If he got fined 10k for that, then Tennessee RB Chris Johnson should have been fined as well for pulling out a towel and using that as a prop after he scored against Pitt, but Johnson was not.  How did Goodell and the league miss that?

Half Court With Ease, Not Too Redick-ulous

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

JETS Lose Game, But Win Snowball Fight

Dynasty Athlete Representation 2009 Internship

This spring I will be doing an internship with Dynasty Athlete Representation.  I will be specifically helping with the Football division, but will do assist in all areas of the agency.  I am extremely interested in helping with the potential NFL candidates along with the many other talented athletes.  I can not wait to assist with the models and the Entertainment side of the agency as well.  I am excited about this opportunity and glad that Darren and Justin chose me to become part of the Dynasty family.  

This link, a post from, will tell you more about the internship.

JJ Redickulous

My boy JJ scoring a quiet 41 against Texas in the NCAA tourney'.  JJ began to get some starts for the Orlando Magic this year too. 

Ellis Fined 10K for Abominal Snowball

New York Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis was fined $10,000 by the NFL for throwing snow at fans following the team's loss at Seattle on Sunday.

Several fans threw snowballs at New York players and staff as they walked off the field after the Seahawks' 13-3 victory. As he approached the walkway leading to the locker room, Ellis reached into a pile of snow, picked up a large chunk and tossed it into the stands at Qwest Field, appearing to hit at least a few fans. No one was believed to have been injured.

Ellis said Tuesday that he wasn't angry at the time, and there was no malicious intent on his part.

"It was all in fun," he said.

Video of the incident originated on YouTube after a fan captured it on film and posted it on the site. As of early Tuesday afternoon, the 53-second clip had been viewed nearly 340,000 times. Several other Web sites have also posted links to the video.

"It was kind of like a little battlefield out there, so to speak," Ellis said. "I mean, it was just all in fun, going to the locker room."

When In Rome.....

An article I wrote for SAB titled, When In Rome, Do As Brandon Jennings Does.  

After reading many articles including ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard’s on Brandon Jennings‘ progress in Rome, along with checking out Jennings’ blog, When In Rome, you can certainly see why Jennings will be a lottery pick in 2009.  He has clearly matured as a player already and will only get better until he makes him move back across the Atlantic into the NBA.

In a previous post, I described the predicament that Jennings was in.  Brandon Jennings was the first prep to pro basketball star from North America to play in Europe.  Because of low SAT scores and the coaching turmoil at Arizona, he decided to forgo playing college ball and headed to play professionally for Virtus Roma.

Jennings’ flashy play and high top hair cut attracted enough attention, but this unprecedented move to play in Italy for millions caused many to question Jennings.  Others thought he could be a trend setter for many future young players, who because of the NBA’s “one and done” college age restrictions, would rather make go overseas and make millions instead of playing one year of college ball.

jenningsx-largeJennings signed with Roma for $1.65 million, but has a buyout clause in his contract that would allow him to leave after each season if he were to pursue his NBA dream.  Jennings has said multiple times that this the NBA is a definite for him.  He will likely leave Italy after this season and become an NBA lottery pick in 09′.  Many scouts and coaches have compared him to the Spanish star Ricky Rubio, who played in the same league. Comparisons to Europe’s best is great for Jennings, however players who have guarded both say that Jennings is even better than Rubio at 18.

Jennings and all his flash and hype came to Italy with high expectations.  He was soon humbled, where the real Brandon Jennings finally emerged.  His first week at practice in Italy, Jennings was kicked out of practice for “slacking” on his cuts during practice when going over the new plays.  Jennings was stunned and amazed.  He could act any way he wanted at practices in high school, but not in Europe.  After a conversation with Ray Allen, he quickly regained his composure and was able to step it up, giving himself and his teammates the confidence they needed in their million dollar point guard.

From that day forward, Jennings has continued to improve physically in the weight room and mentally with his decision making on and off the court.  And although he still spends a  lot of money of thousand dollar Gucci and Dolce backpacks and bags, he is learning the Italian culture and emerging as a potential NBA leader in the future.

Jennings’ personality really doesn’t match his flashy hair and upbeat style of play on the court.  He is a momma’s boy at heart and really only associates with his brother, mother and teammates in Italy.  It appears that Jennings is getting a real education overseas, and will surely be better off because of it.

brandon_jennings014bwGoing overseas instead of attending college has its ups and downs, and although many others might not choose the route “Young Money” has taken, his voyage will certainly shed light unto the the rest of us.  We can see if and how many others follow in his shoes.

Visit Jennings blog, When In Rome to check out the latest updates on Brandon Jennings and how he is progressing in Italy.  His blog addresses the latest on-court issues, along with features such as his favorite music, movies, and the newst Under Armour gear.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

MORE Young Money $$$ Highlights

Brandon Jennings highlights BEFORE he went overseas to play with Roma.  Imagine how good he will be in 2009 with a year of European basketball underneath his belt and a lot of maturing....Check out my previous post for some highlights of him playing in Italy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ari Gold Was Poisoned

Jeremy Piven, the actor who plays agent Ari Gold on Entourage, was recently advised by his Doctor to stop touring with his show and to take it easy for a while.  The California Dr did some tests on Piven and found out that he had extremely high levels of mercury in his system, and that his fatigue and other symptoms were a result of mercury poisoning.  Piven admits to having ate tons of tuna fish and sushi over the past several years and can not believe he has mercury poisoning.  The result is so rare, and high levels of mercury seem to be hard to get.  I wonder how much tuna and sushi Piven must have been eating?  Was it a diet only on high class fish and sushi, or did it extend over many (10-20) years of eating fish filed with mercury?  I eat a lot of sushi and can only hope I don't get this poison as well.  Good luck Jeremy, I hope you get better and appear back on the Entourage set asap and that this does not affect him in the long run.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Atlanta Braves Angry At Agent Arn

Arn Tellem, from Wasserman Media Group might be in trouble.  The Atlanta Braves are extremely mad with agent Arn Tellem, of WMG.  The Braves reportedly had offered Tellem's client, Rafeal Furcal, an offer that he and his agent apparently agreed to take.  A day later, Furcal reneged from the Braves deal and signed with Los Angeles.

The Braves were extremely mad and made a comment to Tellem, stating that he should cross off Atlanta on all of his clients lists.  The Braves were no longer interested in working with him again after this incident and that Tellem should go to the other 29 MLB clubs.  

"Two days after Furcal, then a free agent, spurned an offer from the Braves to return to the Los Angeles Dodgers, team president John Schuerholz called the actions of Furcal's agents, Paul Kinzer and Arn Tellem, "despicable" and "disgusting" and said the franchise would never deal with the firm again, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution." -ESPN

The decision to not accept a contract or renege on an already agreed upon deal is a touchy subject.  ESPN or Tellem did not say why Furcal chose to opt of the Braves deal and stay in LA.  Maybe it was more money? Maybe not?  Whatever it was it is up to the client (Furcal).  Although the agent has some say and opinion regarding the decisions his client should take, it is ultimately up to the athlete to finalize and accept a contract.
I can understand why the Braves would be mad with the Furcal situation, and that verbally expressing your anger to the public is a good way to show agents and others that you are mad.  But again, it is not solely agent Arn Tellem's fault.  The Braves seem to be making it the lone fault of the talented agent from WMG, but maybe they are taking it a little to far.  Tellem and Wasserman have an enormous list of amazing MLB clients.   The Braves would be lucky to get a hold of some of those great players and they should watch what they say.
"On Thursday, Tellem said he hopes to negotiate for other players with Atlanta in the future. According to the Journal-Constitution, his firm currently represents Braves reliever Peter Moylan.We hope that once emotions have subsided, the Braves will act in a manner consistent with not only their obligations under the collective bargaining agreement and the National Labor Relations Act, but also the best interests of the franchise," Tellem said. "In short, we would not want this incident to color their better judgment."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Young Money Highlights on Youtube

Brandon Jennings aka "Young Money" highlights on youtube.  From a game against TAU in the Italian leauge.  As usual, Jennings is sick nasty...... Stay tuned for a Brandon Jenings update by me on

How 'Bout Dem Apples? CC In the City

It is official.  CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett are now donning pin stripes.  The yank's inked both pitchers last week and made it official today in a news conference.  They both chose NY in hopes of winning a world series championship, and might I say look great in pin stripes.  The two signed for a total of $243.5 million dollars.  CC getting around $161 million of that.

The Yanks will have a sick pitching line up now and do not plan on stopping with only these two pick ups.  Right now the rotation includes CC, AJ, Wang, Joba and Phil Hughes.  That sounds lethal, but we will still need to have some offense and some young guns to help guide us through the long season.

"New York City: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.."

Green Man 2

Be Green Man

Click the link above to get your own Green Man suit, just like the one Charlie wears on Alway's Sunny In Philadelphia.  Check out my previous link to see some Green Man sillyness.

He Spend's More Time In The Sand Than Hasselfoff...

International Star David Hasselhoff will sing the national anthem at the Pioneer Bowl in Las Vegas this Saturday.  The bowl game is between BYU and Arizona, but all the attention lately is regarding the former Baywatch star singing of the national anthem.  

Hasselhoff is an international superstar, as Baywatch is the #1 most aired and watched series of all time, and Hasselhoff is the leading man, gaining all that attention from his Baywatch past.  He has been in many movies lately, and has cameo appearances on sitcoms and movies as well.  The weather in Las Vegas might be snowy and unusual, but so is Hasselhoff singing the national anthem before a BYU game.  With two days left until the kickoff lets see who gets more press coverage, the teams involved, the weather, or Mr. Baywatch.


Quarterback Sues Friends over Trademark Application

"Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young filed a lawsuit this week in Houston against "three friends," who own the rights to "VY" and "INVINCEABLE." Young became known as "INVINCEABLE" at the University of Texas after he guided The Longhorns to the national championship in 2006. He received the nickname "VY" as a youngster growing up in Houston. In his claim, Young is requesting that the defendants relinquish their trademark rights to the term so he can use it. He further claims that he has been prevented from getting marketing deals, including some that were in the works for Reebok."

A brief article from The Sports Litigation Alert, Issue 23..

My post on

Vince Young is suing "three friends" for his trademark "VY" and "INVINCEABLE" names, that his three friends got trademarked after his National Championship Rose Bowl appearance for Texas. 

young_vince_tdRodney Vannerson, Enos Cabell and Tom Roberson, were the individuals listed as "three friends" in the complaint filed in a Houston District Court on December 12th.  Young got his nickname "Invinceable" after winning the Rose bowl almost single handedly in 2006.  "VY" was a nickname he grew up with as a child.

Vince's agent, Major Adams, has stated that he has been held back from marketing and shoe deals (Reebok being one of the bigger names) because of these trademarks that his friends got without his knowledge.  VInce said he was only made aware of the trademarks after he was selected in the draft.  The friends filed for the trademarks the day after the national championship victory warly in 2006.  

Now that Vince is back taking snaps, backing-up Kerry Collins and is still in Tennessee, he seems likely to stay there.  Jeff Fischer has said that he still likes Vince and intends for him to be a starter again sometime.  Although Kerry Collins has the team looking good this season, Vince's stock will certainly rise again, and when it does he wants to have those nicknames as possible brand names.

 But will his justification hold up in court as a valid defense for his lack of trademarking the names before his friends?  Does he have any rights to his nicknames, or will he have to buy his "three friends" out to get the names legally?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

President Bush Getting Shoes Thrown At Him

Apparently someone did not like what President Bush had to say. A newspaper reporter threw both his shoes at Bush after he was addressing the media and telling of American victory. It is said that the sole of the shoe is viewed as a HUGE sign of disrespect, and by throwing his shoes at the President the reporter was expressing his discontent with Bush and his policies. My question is where was the secret service for all of this? What if the reporter had a gun instead of a shoe? If they can protect Bush from snipers and terrorist and anthrax, where are they for the infamous "shoe's used as weapons" stories?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

DONE with Finals

I am officially done with all of my finals, and have finished my first term of law school.  It certainly is a good feeling.  Not to be cliche', but I can honestly feel the weight of finals lifted and this next month will be relatively free.   I feel really comfortable after all of my finals.  I studied a lot weeks before the exam and went over old exams leading up to the test.  After the exams I felt like I knew all the material on the exam and properly showed that.  I only did not finish one of the finals, but I feel I showed that I knew the material the part of the final I did finish.  I am hoping for great grades and will only be satisfied with that.  We find out our grades in almost two months.  Which is rediculous, but hey, what can you do?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

GREEN MAN!!!!!!!

33 3

Last night, Carmello Anthony tied an NBA record scoring 33 points int he 3rd quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Melo did this while only shooting 15 shots in that quarter.  He ties the record held by George Gervin, as it seemed that EVERY shot he took found the bottom of the net.  The NUGGETS ended up winning the game 116-105.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


No, I am not doing a cheer for Michigan State Spartans.  I am talking about saving the earth.  It is the new cool thing to do.  For several years now, since Al Gore, the creator of the internet (self-proclaimed), enlightened America about the effects of global warming and other climate changes that are going on, everyone and everything has attempted to go green.  From company's like Timberland making shoes from recycled materials, to papers and even food.  Everything and everyone is trying to save this planet (0r so they claim) by getting down to basics and doing organic ideas.  I like this a lot,  the more proactive we get the better off we will be.

My pops built the first straw bale house in Virginia, that we currently reside in.  Since then, my sister Samantha and I have been consciously aware of green building and energy efficient housing.  My sister even went on to major in that particular area, from Virginia Tech.  Her and my dad colloborate their ideas regarding many green products and projects.   I recently had an article that my mother, Susan, and I combined to write, published in the Fall 2008 issue of Jewish Education News.   The article highlights the straw bale house that my family lives in, along with other green initiatives and is a very interesting read.  If you know nothing about straw bales homes and are interested, read it.

My father did not stop with only one straw bale house.  He has built several of varying sizes and is now currently in the process of creating an entirely green subdivision on a beautiful piece of land in Pulaski, Virginia.  The property is located right off of Claytor Lake near Radford/ Pulaski and is the first green subdivision proposed in that area.  Construction is under way, and the process seems to be going smooth.  My father and his other investors plan to build several (4-6) total houses on the stretch of land that runs right along side the lake.  The subdivision will have at least one common dock on the lake.  The plans and pictures look amazing and I can't wait until it is finished so I can enjoy myself at the lake.  My father and many others have been working extremely hard on this project for well over a year now, and the first house should be done sometime this summer.  HERE, is the link to Life Is Crazy L.L.C.  Go check out some pictures of the house and some information regardings its developement.  If anyone is interested in helping, buying, or learning more about this project please comment and/or let me know.

(picture of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kurtz in chi-town)

21 honored

A little late in reporting and honoring 21, but it's all good.

LANDOVER, Md. – Announced one last time as the "starting free safety" for the Washington RedskinsSean Taylor was inducted into the team's Ring of Fame before Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

With his mother, father, girlfriend and daughter huddled under umbrellas near the center of the field, Taylor's name was unveiled on the upper-level facade of FedEx Field, joining 42 other Redskins greats.

Taylor's father, Pedro Taylor, told the crowd that his son used to say of the fans: "When you guys make the stadium rock, he begins to rock."

"Right now," Pedro Taylor added, "Sean is rocking in heaven."

After the ceremony, the public address announcer said: "Starting at free safety for your Washington Redskins, No. 21, Sean Taylor."

Running back Clinton Portis, Taylor's close friend, then ran onto the field carrying a large burgundy flag with a gold No. 21.

The game was the first following the one-year anniversary of Taylor's death. He was shot in his Florida home last Nov. 26 and died a day later.

Taylor's No. 21 was painted in burgundy on a white background at midfield, where the Redskins logo normally lies."

Carry Me

Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Entourage Affect

Check out the lead story on called, to see my latest posting,
So, You Want To Be An Agent? The Entourage Affect.

Saturday, December 6, 2008