Saturday, December 27, 2008

All 4 One, Or 10 For All In The AFC East

The match-up is gettin closer....Pennington v Favre in New Jersy (Jets home field) for the AFC championship and/ or a potential wild card playofff spot for the Jets.  The season for both teams ultimately lies on this one game.  The JETS won the first game of the year between the two teams 20-14 in Miami.  It was Brett Favre's first game in a NYJ uniform and his first win.  Pennington and the Dolphins started out 0-2 after that loss to the Jets but have gone into a Wild Dolphin offense and have drastically changed and won since the first match up.  The game is at 4:15 and looks to be a good one.  

If the Jets don't win and Brett Favre retires after this season (which I think is likely going to happen), then I do not know what to say as a Jets fan.  If we still can not make the playoffs with a great team AND Brett Favre, then I literally am speechless. Even Pennington got us to the playoffs two years ago at 10-6. I would at least expect the same out of hall of famer Favre.  I even bought an authentic Favre jersey, that will be tarnished if the Jet's can not at least make the playoffs.  I have confidence in the team this weekend however, and without jinxing anything all I am going to say is that I will be going crazy in green, wearing #4 hoping for a W.

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