Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ari Gold Was Poisoned

Jeremy Piven, the actor who plays agent Ari Gold on Entourage, was recently advised by his Doctor to stop touring with his show and to take it easy for a while.  The California Dr did some tests on Piven and found out that he had extremely high levels of mercury in his system, and that his fatigue and other symptoms were a result of mercury poisoning.  Piven admits to having ate tons of tuna fish and sushi over the past several years and can not believe he has mercury poisoning.  The result is so rare, and high levels of mercury seem to be hard to get.  I wonder how much tuna and sushi Piven must have been eating?  Was it a diet only on high class fish and sushi, or did it extend over many (10-20) years of eating fish filed with mercury?  I eat a lot of sushi and can only hope I don't get this poison as well.  Good luck Jeremy, I hope you get better and appear back on the Entourage set asap and that this does not affect him in the long run.

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