Tuesday, December 9, 2008


No, I am not doing a cheer for Michigan State Spartans.  I am talking about saving the earth.  It is the new cool thing to do.  For several years now, since Al Gore, the creator of the internet (self-proclaimed), enlightened America about the effects of global warming and other climate changes that are going on, everyone and everything has attempted to go green.  From company's like Timberland making shoes from recycled materials, to papers and even food.  Everything and everyone is trying to save this planet (0r so they claim) by getting down to basics and doing organic ideas.  I like this a lot,  the more proactive we get the better off we will be.

My pops built the first straw bale house in Virginia, that we currently reside in.  Since then, my sister Samantha and I have been consciously aware of green building and energy efficient housing.  My sister even went on to major in that particular area, from Virginia Tech.  Her and my dad colloborate their ideas regarding many green products and projects.   I recently had an article that my mother, Susan, and I combined to write, published in the Fall 2008 issue of Jewish Education News.   The article highlights the straw bale house that my family lives in, along with other green initiatives and is a very interesting read.  If you know nothing about straw bales homes and are interested, read it.

My father did not stop with only one straw bale house.  He has built several of varying sizes and is now currently in the process of creating an entirely green subdivision on a beautiful piece of land in Pulaski, Virginia.  The property is located right off of Claytor Lake near Radford/ Pulaski and is the first green subdivision proposed in that area.  Construction is under way, and the process seems to be going smooth.  My father and his other investors plan to build several (4-6) total houses on the stretch of land that runs right along side the lake.  The subdivision will have at least one common dock on the lake.  The plans and pictures look amazing and I can't wait until it is finished so I can enjoy myself at the lake.  My father and many others have been working extremely hard on this project for well over a year now, and the first house should be done sometime this summer.  HERE, is the link to Life Is Crazy L.L.C.  Go check out some pictures of the house and some information regardings its developement.  If anyone is interested in helping, buying, or learning more about this project please comment and/or let me know.

(picture of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kurtz in chi-town)

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