Thursday, December 18, 2008

He Spend's More Time In The Sand Than Hasselfoff...

International Star David Hasselhoff will sing the national anthem at the Pioneer Bowl in Las Vegas this Saturday.  The bowl game is between BYU and Arizona, but all the attention lately is regarding the former Baywatch star singing of the national anthem.  

Hasselhoff is an international superstar, as Baywatch is the #1 most aired and watched series of all time, and Hasselhoff is the leading man, gaining all that attention from his Baywatch past.  He has been in many movies lately, and has cameo appearances on sitcoms and movies as well.  The weather in Las Vegas might be snowy and unusual, but so is Hasselhoff singing the national anthem before a BYU game.  With two days left until the kickoff lets see who gets more press coverage, the teams involved, the weather, or Mr. Baywatch.

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