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Quarterback Sues Friends over Trademark Application

"Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young filed a lawsuit this week in Houston against "three friends," who own the rights to "VY" and "INVINCEABLE." Young became known as "INVINCEABLE" at the University of Texas after he guided The Longhorns to the national championship in 2006. He received the nickname "VY" as a youngster growing up in Houston. In his claim, Young is requesting that the defendants relinquish their trademark rights to the term so he can use it. He further claims that he has been prevented from getting marketing deals, including some that were in the works for Reebok."

A brief article from The Sports Litigation Alert, Issue 23..

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Vince Young is suing "three friends" for his trademark "VY" and "INVINCEABLE" names, that his three friends got trademarked after his National Championship Rose Bowl appearance for Texas. 

young_vince_tdRodney Vannerson, Enos Cabell and Tom Roberson, were the individuals listed as "three friends" in the complaint filed in a Houston District Court on December 12th.  Young got his nickname "Invinceable" after winning the Rose bowl almost single handedly in 2006.  "VY" was a nickname he grew up with as a child.

Vince's agent, Major Adams, has stated that he has been held back from marketing and shoe deals (Reebok being one of the bigger names) because of these trademarks that his friends got without his knowledge.  VInce said he was only made aware of the trademarks after he was selected in the draft.  The friends filed for the trademarks the day after the national championship victory warly in 2006.  

Now that Vince is back taking snaps, backing-up Kerry Collins and is still in Tennessee, he seems likely to stay there.  Jeff Fischer has said that he still likes Vince and intends for him to be a starter again sometime.  Although Kerry Collins has the team looking good this season, Vince's stock will certainly rise again, and when it does he wants to have those nicknames as possible brand names.

 But will his justification hold up in court as a valid defense for his lack of trademarking the names before his friends?  Does he have any rights to his nicknames, or will he have to buy his "three friends" out to get the names legally?

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