Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playboy Zeta Dismissed By Sorority

A while back I read an article in Playboy that told the story of a Michigan State Student who posed for Playboys Girls of the Big Ten issue, and was later thrown out of her sorority for being in the magazine.  I understand how a private organization like a sorority can establish ground rules and regulate its members how it pleases, but this has got to be some type of constitutional violation.  She is not doing anything wrong by posing for Playboy, as long as it does not specifically state that she can not in the sororities creed and rules.  Which the sorority did not say it violated in the article.  The sorority only used a broad clause in the bylaws to dismiss the beautiful college student of a position that she worked very hard to gain throughout her college career.  

I am a Playboy U representative here in East Lansing, MI home of Michigan State and I find this to be disturbing.  When I was in Blacksburg, VA several years ago Playboy was doing the Girls of the ACC promotions and issue.  Never did I hear anything about any Tech girls getting dismissed from school or their sororities.  It might be looked down upon by some members of faculty but never did the school or organization take any action against these women.  It is the individual's own decision to pose for the magazine, one that she is legally allowed to make at that age.  The decision should not be followed by any further ramifications by a school or private organization, unless some serious damages have been done to that institution.

The link to the article is below, in it are more beautiful pictures of Zeta's Ryan Lovette.

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