Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rulon Davis Draft Interview

Here is a little blurb from an interview The Footbal Expert had with 2009 NFL Draft Candidate and Dynasty Football Client Rulon Davis.

In just a few minutes speaking to Davis, who I have seen play live several times at Cal, it puzzles me to not see him higher on positional draft charts at this still somewhat early stage of the process. There are questions about his durability due to various injuries taking away games these past two seasons. He is also 25 years old having devoted three years of his life to the Marines including a six month tour of duty in Iraq.

However, the positive side is immeasurable character built from his life experiences and the toughness to have persevered through those nagging injuries. Clearly his football playing potential has not been met giving him the “upside” many scouts look for. Any NFL team taking their shot at drafting Rulon Davis will be getting a determined force ready to make an impact wherever his talents are needed. Considering plenty of NFL defensive linemen play well into their 30’s effectively (Michael Strahan was 36 when he hung up the cleats, Jason Taylor had 11 sacks at 33 in 2007) his age is certainly not much of an issue.

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