Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shake & Bake

Nasty Nate Rob can do a lot more than slam dunk over Dwight Howard.  Nate Rob led the Knick's to victory last night against the Pacers at home in the Garden.  Nate Rob was able to score a team high 41 points, 32 in the second half, COMING OFF THE BENCH.  He also was able to give some DAPS and fist pound Will Ferrell, who was court-side screaming "shake and bake" at Nate all night.  The two talked after the game and Nate give Will a KyrptoNate Green Knick's jersey for all his support of NY and great movies, according to N8.  

Boy would I love to represent Nate Robinson.  Not only does he remind me of my basketball days, but he has a great attitude as well.  After winning two Slam Dunk Championships and his stealer play this season he should be getting some BIG marketing deals soon.  Not to mention his Nike KyrptoNate shoes and Nike deal he has or better be getting after his Slam Dunk appearance.  If he keeps showing love to Will Ferrel, he will have a career after basketball in films.  I wouldn't even be surprised if Nate made a guest appearance in a film soon.  I recently heard from my buddy who knows Nate's Agent that N8 will be on some of his clients music tracks.  The beginning of a big time career for Nate is here just as I thought.

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