Saturday, February 28, 2009

So, You Want To Be a NFL Agent....

To become an NFLPA Certified agent you must do several things well in advance before you can attend the 2 day training session and exam in Washington D.C. in July.  Since 2005 the NFL requires that you have a masters or law degree, but "sufficient negotiating experience” could take the place of either of those two.  Along with the educational requirements and negotiating experience needed you will need:

  •  non-refundable application fee of $1,650.0o
  • Mandatory attendance at a two day seminar in Washington, DC. (In late July)
  • Successful completion of a written proctored examination on day two in DC, AND
  • You must file your application between January 1 and January 31st, or you must wait until the next year to apply to become NFLPA certified

  • Once you have completed these specifications you are on your way to representing NFL players.  You must be actively recruiting and have at least one NFL client within 4/5 years or your acquired license will be forfeited.  I am not sure of the exact date, but I will check on that and let you know.  Thanks to Darren for an earlier post on this same subject and NFLPA Certified Matt Watkins for his assistance for keeping me up to date with the specifications.

    My internship with Dynasty in the NFL division, has caused me to think about becoming a NFLPA Certified Agent.  I have become familiar with the process and learned a lot about the sport and what is behind the scenes this past term, and the draft and pro days are still ahead.

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