Sunday, March 8, 2009


The Madness has begun.  I not only love March because it is my Birthday month, but for many other reasons.  It is the start of spring and good weather, Purim, college spring break, and most importantly the NCAA men's basketball tournament.  As of now the field of 65 teams has not been announced but many teams have already received their invitation to the big dance.  Many at large teams like Duke,
UNC, Memphis, Pitt, UCONN, all know they are in the tournament.  Teams like FSU, VaTech, Creighton, California, Notre Dame and other are all on the bubble and will need help. The entire season comes down to this month and the conference tournament.  Teams can make it or break it in the month of March alone, and that is why March is so exciting and my favorite time of the year.

Right now Cornell has won the ivy league and is officially in the tournament.  So has East Tennessee State, Morehead St, and Radford University.  The MVC Conference tournament finals is on right now between Northern Iowa and Illinois St.  The Redbirds of N. Illinois are looking good as I a watch and just took the lead with 7 left in the 2nd half.  Other conference tournament's start this week and the will end next Saturday with Selection Sunday only a week away.  

Duke plays UNC in about 30 minutes and I can't wait.  I hope the Devils can get revenge for their loss at Cameron earlier this year, but Duke has struggled against teams with size this year and psycho T always scares me in big games.  I can certainly see him breaking JJ's ACC scoring record  if he didn't last game and going off on Duke today, but I doubt Coach K will let this game get out of control.  

The Hokies are a bubble team and are currently losing to FSU by 9 with 10 left in the game.  They need one more quality win but I do not see that happening today or in the tournament, as the top  ACC teams (UNC, Duke, Wake..) are all too strong and should easily make the ACC Semi's.  BUT, as we all know anything is possible in the month of March and that is why I love it so much...

The only negative about March is that the clocks spring forward an hour and give me less sleep on one day, and that day happens to be today.  

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