Thursday, April 30, 2009

AJ Gets A Look At Cleveland

Dynasty Football Client and former Miami and Akron University Runningback and Kick Returner Andrew "Mr. 432" Johnson is currently at training camp with the Cleveland Browns.  It is now his time to shine and show his hometown team that he is more than just REALLLY REALLLY FAST!!!  Good luck Andrew! 

NFL Top Draft Picks & $alarie$

Here is a list of the QB's that have been drafted #1 and the salaries they have been awarded.I thought it was very interesting to see the upward trend in millions that the first draft pick gets when he is a QB.  Even at #3 in last years draft Matty "Ice" Ryan signed a $72 million dollar contract.  I added the non QB's names and contracts in blue to see all the #1 picks.  Thanks to Dominic Pirilli from SAB  for compiling the list of QB's.  This is from an article on

2009: Matthew Stafford - 6 years, $72 million

2008: QB not drafted 1st overall: OT Jake Long- 5 years, $57.75 million

2007: JaMarcus Russell - 6 years, $61 million

2006: QB not drafted 1st overall: DE Mario Williams- 6 years, $54 million

2005: Alex Smith - 6 years, $49.5 million

2004: Eli Manning - 6 years, $45-54 million (the amount varies based on incentive achievement)

2003: Carson Palmer - 7 years, $49 million

2002: David Carr - 7 years, $46.2 million

2001: Michael Vick - 6 years, $62 million

2000: QB not drafted 1st overall: DE Courtney Brown, Chad Pennington was the first QB taken by the JETS at 18

**Matt Ryan, although not chosen 1st overall, received a 6 year, $72 million contract (Ryan was drafted third overall)

In my opinion, this is certainly good for agents and athletes, as the salaries have adapted to inflation and the changes in the economy.  However I can not realistically see rookie salaries going up much more.  There is enough talk about how rookies and first year players who have never stepped on an NFL field already make more than proven veterans who have won Superbowl's.  With all this added media hype and hype from the veteran players, I think agents are going to have a tougher time getting first round picks salaries that are much higher than they are now.  I believe the agents should not ask for more guaranteed money but should add more performance incentives and escalators into first year players contracts.  This would make the GM's and Coaches feel safer when signing and making big deals for players that are unproven, and if the athlete is good enough, he has the chance to make MORE money and keep it under seal a little more.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CDC Tells What Swine Flu Is..

Check Out This 1970's Swine Flu Shot Ad.....

Swine Flu or H1N1 is described in this freaky 1976 advertisement.  Pretty good ad for the 1970's.  It does a good job of showing how fast it could really spread.  The H1N1 epidemic is real folks!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My favorite NFL team the NY Rangers have almost blown a huge 3-1 series lead against the Washington Capitals.  The Rangers now have to win game seven tonight in order to go on and place Boston in the next round.  If Henrik Lundquist has a big game and can keep the Caps under 3 goals, I believe the Rangers will win.  The past two games he has NOT played good at all.  It will be the early minutes of this game that matter the most for Henrik and the Rangers.  An early lead is very important tonight.  The game starts at 7:05 and should be a good one.

Broadcasting Barry Bonds???

After Barry Bonds amazingly warm welcome last night by the San Fransisco fans when the hometown SF Giants hosted the LA Dodgers, Bonds took to the broadcast booth where he stayed for several innings showing off a very different side of himself.  

After Bonds told about the different "characters" that he showed the fans and the media during his MLB career he proceeded to break down Manny Ramirez's swing and talk about the game of baseball.  It was during this moment that I was again stunned by Barry's knowledge and his comments, but this time it was for a positive reason.  Bonds sounded very intelligent and had great things to say about Man-Ram's swing and the concentration that Manny has.  This caused me to ask myself, "Could Barry Bonds be a good broadcaster for the MLB?"  I am looking for that clip right now to add it to this link to show you what I mean but I have not ran across it yet.  

For those of you who saw and heard Bonds in the booth you know what I mean.  But I still want to get other people's take on what they thought of Bonds.  Was this just me feeling sorry for the guy or does he know what he is talking about.  Maybe he was just acting like a good boy and posing for the camera's in order to get his name back out there and MAYBE, just maybe, make an MLB comeback as a DH?  With Boras by his side, anything is possible.  What do you think??

Positive Marijuana Tests

According to sources at, Wide receivers Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate tested positive for marijuana during February’s NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis.


Read the article here. This certainly does not help Harvin “overcome” his “dubious past.”

Do You Still Download and Share Music Files?????

Below is a article by William Rothstein from the NSELS blog.  The article talks about the 4 Swedish individuals who were found guilty of assisting in the dissemination of copyrighted torrents.  The 4 youths were sent to jail for a year and must pay over $3 million in damages to the recording studios.  SO, before you think about downloading those copyrighted songs and sharing them, think about the "Piratebay Foursome".  They operated on a large scale but the threat of copyright infringement and its enforcement is still very real and active to all.

RIP: thepiratebay?

April 19, 2009

Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij

Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij

As some may know by now, the four men running THEPIRATEBAY, one of the world’s largest torrent trackers, were found guilty of assisting in making copyright content available – essentially contributory copyright infringement. The four Swedes were sentenced to a year in prison and ordered to pay $3.6 million in damages to the recording industries and motion picture industries.

Many users of THEPIRATEBAY and other torrent trackers understand that the tracker does not store any information other than directions or links to copyrighted materials. In other words, THEPIRATEBAY did not copy, perform, adapt, display, or distribute any of the works that could be found by running a search at Instead, THEPIRATEBAY allowed users to search for whatever material they wished to download; the tracker does not discriminate between proprietary and free or open source materials when showing the results of a user’s search.

This is essentially what any search engine does. If one goes to and performs a search for Maxim magazine covers, he will find that GOOGLE will link to pictures of Maxim magazine’s cover. After conducting a search, the user may choose to click on links to legal or illegal material, and GOOGLE, or any search engine (if it is a good one), will link to the desired material. GOOGLE, like most search engines, is an Internet Service Provider and is not liable for most infringement that is initiated at the direction of a user. The ruling against THEPIRATEBAY could mean that other ISPs will be held liable in Sweden for similar linking to infringing material. Possibly even GOOGLE.

In response to their sentencing, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, and Carl Lundströmm, the four men from THEPIRATEBAY, have already determined to create a slightly revised edition of THEPIRATEBAY. IPREDATOR will track torrents in a similar way to THEPIRATEBAY but it will use a virtual private network to help ensure privacy. IPREDATOR promises to make people more anonymous and warrants that it will maintain no traffic data of its users. This site will cost about 5 EUR a month and is currently being beta tested.

THEPIRATEBAY has not been shut down, and the servers are currently being maintained in Thailand. Some of the four are appealing the decision and others are now living outside the country. Peter Sunde related the experience to any good Hollywood movie and maintained that the heroes (pirates) would win in the end.

The FIRST, To Follow Brandon Jennings

Jeremy Tyler, a 6-foot-11 junior, dropped out of his San Diego High School and said he would skip his senior year to play professionally in Europe, The New York Times and Yahoo! Sports reported on Wednesday.

Tyler, 17, will become the first player born in the United States to leave high school early to play professional basketball overseas. He is expected to come back in two years, when he is eligible for the NBA draft.

Tyler had made a verbal committment to play for Louisville. Has has not signed with an agent or professional team. He will probably play in Spain, the Times reported, though teams from other European leagues have shown interest.

“Nowadays people look to college for more off-the-court stuff versus being in the gym and getting better,” Tyler told the Times. “If you’re really focused on getting better, you go play pro somewhere. Pro guys will get you way better than playing against college guys.”

National Sports Law Institute Student Writing Competition

National Sports Law Institute Student Writing Competition

The National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School announces the creation of the National Sports Law Student Writing Competition. The goal of this annual competition is to encourage law student scholarship on current topics in sports law. The winner of the competition will receive complimentary registration for the National Sports Law Institute’s annual fall conference on Friday, October 23, 2009, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and an offer to publish their article in the Fall 2009 issue of the Marquette Sports Law Review.

ELIGIBILITY: Any law student in good standing who is currently attending an accredited law school within the United States and its territories may enter the competition. All submissions must be original and unpublished. Submissions may be any original and unpublished student work. For example, this could include papers written for a law school course or unpublished student comments written as a membership requirement for a law journal or review.

DEADLINE: Entries must be received by Friday, July 17, 2009.


  1. Submissions to the 2009 competition must focus on some aspect of Labor and Employment Law within the sports industry on the national or international level.
  2. Submissions must follow the Marquette Sports Law Review’s Guidelines for Authors found online at
  3. Submissions to the competition must be sent by email to the National Sports Law Institute (NSLI) at*
  4. The NSLI will verify participation in the competition by email within 10 days of the receipt of a submission. JUDGING: All submissions will be judged by the National Sports Law Institute’s Editorial Advisory Board made up of past Editors-in-Chief of the Marquette Sports Law Review and Marquette Sports Law Journal. The review of submissions will be a blind review.

*a) Address the subject line of your email to “2009 National Sports Law Writing Competition.” (b) Attach your submission to the email in Microsoft Word. (c) Do not include your name within the submission; instead, within your email include; (i) your name, (ii) your contact information including email address, mailing address and telephone number, (iii) your year in school (iv) verification that you are a law student in good standing and identification of the law school you are currently attending, and (v) explanation of why you produced the submission, i.e., for a law school course, etc. (d) Each submission should include a title. This title should be on the first page of the submission. Do not send a separate title page.

Thanks to William Rothstein and the NSELS for bring this to my attention

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Hip Hop Law Blog

The West Virginia University College of Law Sports and Entertainment Law Society is proud to announce the launch of a new blog that will add texture and content to the entertainment law and sports law space. 

Thanks to the Sports Law Blog for bringing this great site to my attention.

Kourtney Kardashian Day

Sunday's are usually Kim and Kourtney Kardashian their show
Keeping Up With The Kardashian's always airs its re-runs on Sundays.  Too many good sporting events and games came on this Sunday so I only got limited time with the Kardashian's...Here is a photo of my favorite one, Kourtney to remind you why I don't bother changing the channel every time I run across that show.

BIG Draft for the J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!!!

The Jets had a great draft in my opinion.  Taking Sanchez and Greene were great picks that give the Jets the added offensive firepower to match up with their newly acquired defensive presence from last season and with the additions of Rex Ryan, Bart Scott, and the other great Ravens that we picked up this offseason.  Sanchez will be the teams future franchise QB, taking the reigns like Joe Namath did for the team back in the Super Bowl 3 championship days.

Both picks (Sanchez and Greene) were acquired when the Jets management made trades to move up the ladder.  This shows great initiative by the Jets and tells the fans that we are looking to win right now and not concerned with our picks in the future and I like that.  Below are the Jets picks from day one and two of the 2009 nfl draft.

Mak the Puggle Update

Mak the puggle is still roaming around with me in East Lansing and Blacksburg.  He is passed out right now, as usual, burried under the covers.  He looks like he is getting bigger but don't let his face trick you, he really isn't.  Mak is a consistent 23-25 lbs of crazy, energetic, puggle fuzz.  I had him during exams this term and was happy that I did keep him during that time rather than let my parents watch him like last term. It was a good stress reliever going to the dog park and on walks with him, taking study breaks.  He is a funny little guy to watch when he plays with other dogs and certainly keep you entertained when you need a study break.  

Mr. Irrelevant of the 2009 Draft goes to.....

The last player selected overall in the draft......Kicker Ryan Succop to the Kansas City Chiefs.  As a kicker getting drafted, he is likely to have a shot and make a pro roster and have the "Mr. Irrelevant" title come into question when he kicks a big kick.  I'm sure the announces can't wait for that opportunity.  No Dynasty clients got drafted this Draft but I still believe KG and Andrew have put up some great numbers and deserve a shot with some teams.  Hopefully they will get a call soon and get a chance to prove themselves.

The Twitter Effect 1

Cuban used the Twitter online social network to complain after Friday night's game that Denver's J.R. Smith was not called for coming off the bench to taunt Antoine Wright after he missed a shot near the Nuggets bench.

Cuban said in another posting Sunday that he "can't say no one makes money from twitter now. the nba does."

In an earlier meeting of the two teams, the Mavericks owner was fined $25,000 after becoming upset about a foul that wasn't called on Smith. Cuban offered to donate the money to whatever charity Smith chose, then suggested he'd give it to the fund for a gruesomely injured hockey player.

Some more Twitter stores:

Demi Moore saves woman from suicide from Tweet....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Draft Day 1 Agency Results..

Check out the results from Day 1 of the NFL draft from the agents side.  SAB has a great piece which talks about the large # of first round clients CAA has and how CAA has influenced these players position in the draft.  Here is the link to check out the article as we only have about 7 or so picks left in this years draft. Still no Kevin Grant or Andrew J from Akron, but they both have seen interested from several NFL teams and should sign and UDFA's sometime soon. 

Make sure to read Darren's piece on CAA's day one dominance.... 

Some Words From Jordan!

Below is an brief run down from a press conference with MJ at one of his camps.  He says some inspiring stuff that is totally on the money.  The rest of the article below can be read at Access Athletes, The Real Athlete Blog.

Q: What motivated you to play hard every single night, even after you had proven you were the best player in the NBA?

MJ: “Every single time I took the floor, I assumed someone was seeing me play for the first time. Maybe the guy who collects the ticket stubs. Maybe a 12 year old kid coming to his first game. I wanted to prove to that person that I was worth the hype and was as good as advertised. Plus I played hard every day in practice; so playing hard in the game was just a habit.”

Q: What advice would you give us about our freshman year in college?

MJ: “Go in humble and be prepared to make a great first impression. Go in accepting, as a freshman, you are the lowest guy on the totem pole. Let your work ethic and passion for the game do the talking, not your high school reputation. Don’t expect anything to be handed to you; go out and earn it.”

Q: Who is better – LeBron or Kobe?

MJ: “Kobe is the best player in the NBA now. He plays both ends of the floor, is the most polished offensively, and works harder than anyone. But LeBron has the potential to be the best ever. As incredible as he already is, he is still learning the game. LeBron is going to be unbelievable.”

There you have it. Insight and wisdom from the best to have ever played. And I got to hear it first hand!

My role at these events is to get the players warm-up and stretched out before and after practice. If you want some info on some quality stretches to do after you workout or play, email me and I will send you some info. I will send you the same types of stretches I do with the Jordan Brand All Americans!

Done With Second Term of Law School

After a crazy month of studying and everything else culminating in East Lansing, Michigan, I am officially done with my second term of law school.  This terms exams seemed a lot harder than the last terms, however I do feel that I was more prepared and was able to attack them better.  I even finished all of them this time.  I am not home in Blacksburg, VA, the City of Dreams enjoying the company of my family and friends at VaTech until I go back to Michigan.  The day I left it was actually 80 degree in sunny East Lansing.  Only two days earlier there was snow coming down.

It feels good to be done with exams and get time to catch up on some sleep and work with Dynasty,  NSELS, and Access Athletes.  Me and Mak puggle will also get to catch up on some time at the dog park in the burg.  My fathers green subdivision at Claytor Lake in Radford is starting to come along.  I am going to help my dad with the exterior on Monday and also with some trusses on the inside of the house.  I only have about ten days off until I have to get ready for the summer term, yay!  At least I get to find out my exam grades in a month a half this term instead of two and a half months like last.

The Poll Was Right.......

This Saturday Mathew Stafford was selected with the #1 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions.  The LFLS poll that ended on draft day had Stafford going as the top pick getting 12-22 first place votes. After a 0-16 season the Lions need all the help they can get.  Stafford better be the gunslinger that everyone believes he is.  Besides Stafford massive deal worth over $72 million, $78 including incentives, the talk of the draft was non other than my NY J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!!  The J E T S moved up 12 spots to make Sanchez the new face of their franchise.

The Jets traded with old Coach Eric Mangini of the Browns and moved up to get the QB Mark Sanchez to replace Brett Favre with the 5th overall pick.  For the first time in a while I was happy with a draft day move that the Jets have done.  Gholston hasn't done a thing for the Jets since he was drafted last year, so Sanchez better step up and prove Coach Carroll he made the right decision. More on the Sanchez trade later as I browse the web to see how much a Sanchez jersey would cost.  My Favre one isn't getting touched after last seasons debacle towards the end of the year.

Can Paulus Play in AA?

Michigan's Contractual Liability if Paulus "Transfers" to Play QB

It certainly has been a rough year for Michigan football. The team was simply handled by a then-underrated Utah, embarrassed by mid-major Toledo, all the while beset by its coach's messy divorce from his former school. The latest news from Ann Arbor is that, in spite of its recruitment of heralded quarterback Tate Forcier, the team may be led next year by Greg Paulus.

Paulus is well known as a three-year starting point guard (and fourth year bench player) for the Duke Blue Devils. While considering a move to Michigan, he is also reportedly being evaluated for an NFL contract by the Green Bay Packers. That a player's choice is between playing college football for a new school or NFL football for a pro team certainly seems to undercut the NCAA's much ballyhooed notion of amateurism. That said, were Paulus to enroll at Michigan as a "graduate student", say in the one-year M.S. in Kinesiology, NCAA rules might allow him to play one season of football.

Under the NCAA's "five-year rule," an athlete may compete in college athletics for no more than four seasons in a single sport for the first five years after graduating from high school. Paulus has no remaining basketball eligibility, but could compete in another sport for one more year. And under Rule, the "One-Time Transfer Exception," a graduate student may under some conditions use any remaining eligibility at a new institution without sitting out the year ordinarily required for college transfers.

A liberalized version of Rule was at one point overridden in part by Division I schools. The one-time transfer rule is limited by Rule, under which a player can only compete in bowl subdivision football, if transferring from an institution that offers that level of football, when the player has at least two years of football eligibility remaining.

Does Paulus meet that test? Although he has four years of football eligibility remaining, the five-year rule would cut off three of those years (even if he remained at Duke), so under the five-year rule it would seem like he has only one actual year remaining and would thus not qualify for the one-time transfer exception. However, if the 5-year rule were ignored or viewed separately from the four-years-of-eligibility rule, then I suppose he would have four years remaining.

Let's assume that, as most media coverage suggests, Paulus would in fact qualify to play for the Wolverines next year (or that he received a waiver from the NCAA). Though possibly permissible under NCAA bylaws, allowing his transfer would certainly be cynical. In addition it could potentially expose the Michigan Wolverines to a (perhaps challenging) breach of contract or fraud claim. The "mission statement" of the Michigan Athletics department contains the following provision under the theme "integrity":

We follow the intent and the letter of each rule by which we have agreed to abide. We are honest in our dealings with student–athletes, coaches, staff, opponents, and governing bodies.

While the team might be complying with the letter of the rule, could it be said that it would be following the rule's intent? No school has an obligation under NCAA rules to comply with the intent of an eligibility mandate; but UM may have voluntarily assumed such an obligation.

If the NCAA's basic purpose is to maintain athletics as an integral part of the educational mission of universities, the intent behind any of its rules has to be interpreted in that light. For a player to select a new school after participating in top-tier athletics for four straight seasons seems contrary to the intent of the NCAA's amateurism ideal. Players at Michigan who have competed to play quarterback -- including new recruits -- might have a legitimate claim to having been the victims of fraud or breach of a representation made as part of the student-athlete contract.

GREAT post from Sports Law Blog

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interview with Mr. Four3Two

Who is this mysterious Mr. 432 I have been talking about??  Read the interview below to find out who this is before this weekends draft comes and passes you by.


One down, two more left and I'm home free, literally....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

14 Runs in One Innings.....

Yankee's are you kidding me???? Letting in 14 runs in the second inning against Cleveland on Saturday is unreal. That has to be the most runs scored by any team in an inning since sometime in the early 1900's if ever. BUT, in the long run, the yanks did go 3-3 the past couple of games are it is still early in the season.

Chien Ming-Wang has an 34.5 ERA this season. WOW.  I am glad I dropped him from my fantasy baseball team after game one...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Learn How to Crank That Like Soulja Boy....

Tired of seeing everyone "Crank That" Soulja Boy and your stuck watching/ laughing. Now you can do the dance yourself.  

Can Football DataCo Really Control ALL Soccer News?

Football DataCo is the company which acts as a copyright watchdog for the FA Premier League, Football League, Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League.  Unlike  other professional sports, Football DataCo is now actively serving cease and desist letters to many sites, simply for updating fans and users about soccer game scores and team news.  Twitter is even on the Football DataCo's list.  The watchdog company is claiming that Twitter users are not allowed to "tweet" soccer scores or give updates of scores without paying an annual fee, and agreeing to limit the tweets relating to game scores to 9 per match.

My question is, how can this be possible?  I understand that that the leagues and teams have rights and royalties associated with their name, likeness, and logo's but come on, this is the digital era and fans should be able to communicate to others and tell each other game scores, without having to pay a yearly subscription to support some company who shouldn't exist in the first place.  We pay enough as it is to Comcast and Direct TV to get FOX Soccer Channel, GOL and other soccer channels. 

It is amazing to me that the EPL and other Soccer leagues have not embraced the current wave of the Internet.  This will only make it harder for them to integrate other ideas and connect with users as the digital age gets stronger.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lebron Helps Flynn Blossom to Rose

After hearing the inspiring words of Lebron James, Syracuse guard Jonny Flynn has decided to go with Leon Rose to represent him during this years NBA draft. According to Agent Bill Neff from an article on SAB.

Neff recently stated that Jonny Flynn would be signing with Leon Rose of CAA after being told to do so by Lebron James (a Rose client).  In fact, Neff said that Arn Tellem of WMG was hot on Flynn, but that Lebron’s testimonial would be enough to persuade Flynn to sign Rose.  His statement was true.  Yesterday, Flynn announced that he is signing with Rose and CAA.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bar Rafaeli

In honor of Passover and my exams in a week, here is a beautiful inspirational image of one of my favorite models, Bar Rafaeli from Israel.  Bar was on the cover of the 2009 SI Swimsuit Edition that myself and many others have been gawking at.  Leonardo DiCaprio is a lucky man!

Pitching Clients/Investors

Darren wrote a great piece this morning on the similiarities between pitching your company to proposed investors versus pitching your company to clients (athletes).  Check out the article to see the similiarities and differences between the two and to learn what NOT TO DO when pitching someone an idea or company.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Congrats Boston U Terriers!!

Last night the Boston University Terriers Hockey team had an amazing comeback victory to take the NCAA Championship title.  BU has been solid all year long and was the #1 seed in the tournament.  They were down 3-1 with 1:22 left in the third period and were able to come back and tie the game at 3-3 by the end of regulation.  The Terriers made an amazing comeback that I never thought would have been possible when I was watching at home.  Although, the championship winning goal came on a deflected shot, BU certainly deserved to win.  The win capped off a great year for them.  The last 10 minutes of the tournament really showed their true colors and was an exciting game to watch.  I received my Paralegal certificate from BU so I can proudly wear my BU Hockey sweatshirt today in the cold April weather of Michigan.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

UAAA Warning

Uniform Athlete Agent Act Requirement:






From DH on

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama Quotes

Quoting OBAMA:   "But -- having said all that, I truly believe that 
there's nothing more noble than public service," he said, adding that 
service doesn't mean one has to run for president.

Obama pointed to Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations and 
community work as examples of other ways to serve.

"But the point is that what I found at a very young age was that if 
you can only think about yourself -- 'How much money can I make? What 
can I buy? How nice is my house? What kind of fancy car do I have?' -- 
that over the long term, I think you get bored," he told the audience 
of mostly students.

  "I think if you're only thinking about yourself, your life becomes 
diminished, and the way to live a full life is to think about what can 
I do for others, how can I be a part of this larger project of making 
a better world," he said.

Obama said with all the challenges facing the world now, the younger 
generation has an abundance of opportunities to make a difference.

"It would be a tragedy if all of you who are so talented and energetic 
-- if you let that go to waste, if you just stood back and watched the 
world pass you by," he said.

"Better to jump in, get involved -- and it does mean that sometimes 
you'll get criticized and sometimes you'll fail and sometimes you'll 
be disappointed -- but you'll have a great adventure. And at the end 
of your life, hopefully you'll be able to look back and say, 'I made a difference.' "

Some great Obama qoutes from my roomate. No more Bushism's

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Thoughts On Chris Brown's Case....

Monday, April 6th, Artist and Entertainer Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from his Grammy Night beating of his current girlfriend Rhianna.  

For a while now the press has covered this case and magnified everything regarding this horrible incident.  The couple was suppose to sing together at the Grammy's until Browns assault changed all that, and much, much more.

At one time, Chris Brown was a name everyone liked, now that has changed.  Although I think what he did was clearly wrong but I do not think he will get any serious punishment or ramifications from this situation.  With Brown pleading "not guilty" yesterday in court, and the fact that his girlfriend and victim of this incident has forgiven him and is now back together with her abuser, I can only see a plea deal coming from his current legal case.  

That being said, if Brown does not take a plea deal or Rhianna does drops the charges or does not testify against against her abuser, the case will still go on.  The prosecution has plenty of circumstantial evidence that they could use (photos, affidavits, statements...) to convict Brown.  Most importantly I believe the media attention this case has drawn will be a HUGE negative for Brown if it does go to trial.  It will be hard to find ANY juror who has not already heard about this incident and already convicted Brown in their heads.  

By pleading "not guilty," I think/hope Brown and his defense team have a plea deal in the workings and will not let this get to trail.  That being said, I believe he will get off pretty easy for the serious beating and threats that he gave to his girlfriend.  I hope he learns his lesson and does not continue the usual pattern of abuse that we see from typical "woman-beaters" in these situations.

On a positive note, the added press and attention Brown has received has not made anyone stop listening to his music.  In fact, going to jail or doing these heinous acts could even be spun in a positive way to make his image seem harder or more "gangster."  Although I do not agree that this type of behavior should boost anyone's career, if Brown goes in  a different direction with his music career and his music gets a little "harder" maybe he will get some street credential and in the future will be listened to in a different genre.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spartans vs UNC In the Finals: ACC-Big Ten Challenge, AGAIN

MSU Spartans played huge and came up with a BIG time upset over #1 UCONN.  It's crazy in East Lansing now! I can only wait until Monday night!!  No class for me on Tuesday morning, guess where I will be?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

WELCOME to the "NEW" House That Ruth Built

Should they still call Yankee stadium "the house that Ruth built?"  Or, should the new Yankee Stadium be called the house that Jeter built?  Jeter is the classic Yankee poster boy for the Championship Yankee teams of the 1990's and is a proven leader.  Mr. October could well be the Yank's greatest player before his time in pinstripes is up. With the christening of the new Yankee Stadium happening this year, Jeter and many others are the face of the new stadium.  If CC, AJ, DJ, and A-Rod could play together they might have to find new nickname for the stadium.

Friday night, April 3rd, was the first game at the new multi-million dollar Yankee Stadium.  The new park looks very similar to the one that got torn down last year, just A LITTTTTTLE bit bigger. "A little bit" is certainly an understatement.  The new stadium has all of the same cool features as the old one did, with all the additional new amenities.  

The first at bat of the new stadium was none other than Yankee favorite, Derek Jeter.  In traditional style, Jeter smacked a double over the third base line to start off the season and the stadium in grand style.  The Yanks also went on to win the game. This could only be a precursor for the Yank's as they are looking to break back into the postseason for the first time in eleven years.  I was able to make it to the old Yankee Stadium last year before it was torn down.  It really was a great feeling as a Yankee fan to sit in those seats and enjoy the stadium.  I would love to make it to a game at the new stadium this year, but we will see how much time I can get off at Cooley.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Will Ferrell Saves USC Football

N8 Rob's FIrst Slam DUNK WIn

Here is a clip of what made my boy Nate Robinson such a PIMP.  The video show his first Slam Dunk Championship win where he jumped NBA legend Spud Webb.  Nate is similar size to Spud and wears the same jersey number.  However I think that Nate has more hops than Spud did.