Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Broadcasting Barry Bonds???

After Barry Bonds amazingly warm welcome last night by the San Fransisco fans when the hometown SF Giants hosted the LA Dodgers, Bonds took to the broadcast booth where he stayed for several innings showing off a very different side of himself.  

After Bonds told about the different "characters" that he showed the fans and the media during his MLB career he proceeded to break down Manny Ramirez's swing and talk about the game of baseball.  It was during this moment that I was again stunned by Barry's knowledge and his comments, but this time it was for a positive reason.  Bonds sounded very intelligent and had great things to say about Man-Ram's swing and the concentration that Manny has.  This caused me to ask myself, "Could Barry Bonds be a good broadcaster for the MLB?"  I am looking for that clip right now to add it to this link to show you what I mean but I have not ran across it yet.  

For those of you who saw and heard Bonds in the booth you know what I mean.  But I still want to get other people's take on what they thought of Bonds.  Was this just me feeling sorry for the guy or does he know what he is talking about.  Maybe he was just acting like a good boy and posing for the camera's in order to get his name back out there and MAYBE, just maybe, make an MLB comeback as a DH?  With Boras by his side, anything is possible.  What do you think??

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